What Type of Router Does Your Small Business Use: Home or Commercial Grade?

If you use the Internet in your business, you likely have a router. A router is what keeps your network working properly, by allowing each computer or device to connect to the Internet, and letting multiple computers connect to the same network. Some are wireless, while others are wired.

Most business routers provide functions for both so that it is easy to use multiple computers in one office. It is important that you know more about the type of router you have, making sure it secures all information transmitted through the Internet, and that it is meant for commercial use. Personal routers just won’t do.

How is the router connected?

The first thing to note is how your router is connected. If your router is within your internet modem, it is probably a personal-use router and needs to be updated. Your router should be a separate device where computers, media, tablets and smartphones connect to in order to gain access to your Internet network. The router will have a local IP address, while the modem has a global IP address. The IP addresses make sure you are connecting to the right network.

Is it good for personal or commercial use?

When you run a business, you need the most secured router possible, with the highest level of capabilities. You can achieve this by using a router meant for commercial use. Personal-use routers have limitations with how big the network can be and how many computers can connect to it before the Internet starts running slowly.

The commercial-grade routers have a lot more Internet loading capacity and more flexibility for your business. Some things that commercial-grade routers include are an advanced virtual private network (VPN), excellent firewall to protect your business data, and an IP phone network so your computers and telephones can be connected to the same network.

What special features does it have?

You may also find a commercial-grade router that includes special features. For one thing, there will be a larger range with commercial routers. This lets you connect multiple computers and devices to the router, no matter how big your business is. If you have a dozen offices on multiple floors, one router may still be used if there is a good range. You should also have multiple ports for all of your network uses, including WAN and LAN ports. In addition, the commercial-grade routers will have a larger radio band, typically up to 5Ghz.

It properly secure?

One of the most important aspects of a commercial-grade router is how secure it is. You don’t want anyone else getting into your network or using your bandwidth. You likely transfer a lot of sensitive, personal, and confidential information through computers in your business. When searching for a new router, make sure it is secure, and that it is set up with the best firewall protection possible.

Even if you are using a commercial-grade router with excellent security features, be sure you are protected with cyber liability insurance in the event of a hack or data breach.