Using LinkedIn to Recruit Employees

As one of the largest professional networks of its kind, LinkedIn provides an Internet-based network of employers and potential job candidates a efficient method to match qualified individuals with employer job openings. LinkedIn is quickly becoming a valuable tool for employees to recruit employees due in part to access of a job applicant’s work experience, educational background, formal resume, professional resume, and other important features available on the LinkedIn job candidate’s profile. Using this professional social media resource, employers can also search for potential employees in a variety of ways, including by education, work experience, location, and skills.

LinkedIn Recruiter

The Recruiter tool of LinkedIn is a section of the website that is specifically designed for recruiters to find high quality, skilled, and experienced professionals. With the LinkedIn Recruiter, you will create a professional network that allows you to contact a wide variety of job candidates found by searching the database of individuals by industry, previous experience, skills, education, or various keywords.

Additional tools offered by LinkedIn Recruiter include creating project folders and reminders, updating your company portfolio to attract candidates to your company, communicate with potential candidates through LinkedIn’s messaging system called InMail, and synchronize team activity.

LinkedIn Job Postings

If you prefer to recruit for available positions at your company by posting the job listings and allowing candidates to find them on their own, LinkedIn has an option for you as well. By using targeted ads, you create the job listing to include the type of job, any company information you would like to include and other details, like pay or benefits. You then create keywords that allow candidates to find the job position. This gives you the chance to describe the job in as much detail as you choose and attract potential candidates looking for exactly the job you’re offering.

LinkedIn Employment Branding

Through its Corporate Recruiting Solutions, LinkedIn also offers a service called Employment Branding, which allows you to create a company website for career opportunity listings. This feature enables you to promote your company and job positions, and attract the candidates you might want to hire. On your Employment Branding page, you can personalize it with company information, jobs available, top employees, and other details you would like to include. As you update the page with new job listings, potential candidates will find your profile when searching for certain keywords that match the jobs you are recruiting for.

LinkedIn Talent Pipeline

The LinkedIn Talent Pipeline is a management system provided by LinkedIn that allows you to organize and manage the incoming candidates. It acts similar to an applicant tracking system to make it easier for you to go through the candidates and choose ones you would like to consider for the position. With the Talent Pipeline, you can import leads from business cards, career fairs, job boards, or other sources as well as build a pipeline of individuals that you have searched for on LinkedIn and have found profiles to match the needs of your company.

When looking for high quality job candidates, it can be a frustrating experience as the search can be long and arduous. However, with LinkedIn to recruit employees, you have a number of possibilities that enables you to not only search for candidates, but build a professional network, and create targeted job listings to allow candidates to come to you. For the most success, use several methods of recruiting for potential employees with LinkedIn’s various recruiting tools.