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Together, we can expand your customer relationships.

Complete a customer ecosystem by adding insurance to complement existing offerings.

Add value by delivering greater service.

Customer acquisition cost rose 60-70% from 2013-2019, according to a ProfitWell survey of 1,800 B2B and B2C companies.

Source: ProfitWell survey

Faced with rising customer acquisition costs (CAC), companies are seeking more ways to increase customer lifetime value (CLV). Generating more leads isn't enough. Businesses are competing for customer loyalty at an unprecedented pace, and need solutions to create a repeatable, consistent revenue stream.

Savvy, customer-centric businesses are reimagining how to better serve and add value for customers. By offering relevant insurance products to complement your existing offerings, you can increase customer trust, build loyalty, and increase revenue.

Market innovators leverage the bolt insurance Exchange to:




Simplify insurance shopping for customers.

Insurance buyers typically search online for quotes, then work either directly with a provider or through an agent to make a purchase. With bolt, you can transform a once cumbersome, time-consuming process into a quick and easy way for customers to find the coverage they need.

Increase customer lifetime value.

When you’ve already built an amazing brand that customers trust, giving them the option to efficiently shop for insurance coverage through your website or app will not only help increase conversion, but you’ll benefit from higher retention and renewal rates as well.

Generate new revenue.

Adding insurance policy sales as part of your existing business turns one-time lead sales into a repeatable revenue stream. It also transforms a previously transactional customer interaction into a deeper customer relationship.

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A turnkey solution that lets you add insurance sales to complement your existing offerings.

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