Top 5 Construction Safety Tips

Employees working on a construction site are at risk for a number of injuries. The tools they use, working at tall heights, and operating equipment can all put them at risk. As a construction company business owner, It is important that you keep certain things in mind any time you, or your employees, are working on a construction site. Here are the top five construction safety tips to keep in mind.

1) Use the Proper Tools

Workers on construction sites need to use the proper tools, plain and simple. Be sure to purchase tools that are ergonomically correct, even if they cost a little more. If you try to buy inexpensive tools and equipment that don’t contain an ergonomically correct feature, they might increase repetitive stress injuries among your workers. This could end up costing you more in the end.

Good tools have proper rubber grips, ergonomic angles of handles and other elements, and do not cause excess strain of the hands, fingers or wrists. You can contact a local safety coordinator if you need help choosing the right tool.

2) Safety While Trenching

Building trenches may seem like a basic job, but it one that has its own set of dangers. Not only do workers need to understand proper use of their trenching tools and avoid physical injury during this type of job, but they also need to have a protective system so that they can get out. Make sure they use proper methods of escape, including shielding, sloping and shoring. There should also be proper safety measures against the dirt caving in on workers while building trenches.

3) Off and On Equipment

A lot of construction site accidents occur when workers are getting on or off equipment, such as forklifts, tractors, and trucks. Employees should understand proper ways to get on and off equipment and use those safety measures each and every time. They should have gloves and boots on, particularly anti-slip boots and high-grip gloves, before getting on their equipment, so that they don’t slip. Teach workers the proper stance for getting on and off equipment.

4) Looking at Your Surroundings

Another safety tip for employees using construction equipment is to always be aware of their surroundings. If workers operate tractors or forklifts, for example, they not only need to be aware of their own safety, but that of others in the area. Workers should survey the perimeter before moving the equipment, clearing out the area properly before doing so.

5) Lifting Objects

Another danger at a construction site occurs with employees lifting objects. The heavy and awkwardly-shaped loads, whether it is lumber or drywall, need to be lifted properly in order to avoid sustaining an injury. Part of teaching workers safety on the job site includes simple things, such as how to lift large pieces of drywall and avoiding injuring themselves and others that might be in the vicinity.

With these essential safety tips and making safety a part of your workplace culture, your construction workers can avoid injury. However, even in the best precautions, accidents happen. That’s why it is vitally important to ensure your employees are covered with workers’ compensation insurance.