Tips to Avoid HVAC Scams

HVAC Scams

When your HVAC system malfunctions or breaks down, calling a professional technician to come into your home to diagnose and fix the problem might be your first instinct. Unfortunately, there are a lot of HVAC scams around where a company will take your money, but provide you with low-quality products and services.

This doesn’t mean that all HVAC services out there are not trustworthy. It’s just that you have to know how to avoid them. You don’t want to pay a high price for service and wind up with a technician who is either inexperienced to do the job or tries to get away with as little work as possible or use HVAC products that are bound to break within a few months. Things to look out for when trying to avoid HVAC scams are as follows.

HVAC Scams

When hiring a HVAC service provider that is a scam, you may experience setbacks such as:

  • Repair work that is low-quality
  • HVAC units that are not safe
  • HVAC unit installation that is flawed
  • Substantial money loss

Instead, you should look for and expect technicians to provide you with proper installation, quality workmanship, durable and effective repairs and less safety hazard risks. So what can you do to avoid these HVAC setbacks?

Although they might sound tempting, take caution when you are offered a free estimate. All estimates should be put in writing. Make sure you research the HVAC technician thoroughly for their experience, qualifications and background. Make sure the technician doesn’t use used parts for replacing older ones. Don’t pay the technician upfront and get a second opinion from another company before settling on a job.

A second opinion is always a good idea. This way if you feel one technician is quoting a price that is too high, you can compare quotes with several companies and pick the best quote for the job. By getting a second opinion, you might find that the repairs you need are not as serious as you thought.

Repairing or replacing your HVAC system can end up costing you thousands of dollars. Therefore, following these tips above will ensure you are not being scammed and are getting quality products and services for your investment.