Tips for Driving with the Sun in Your Eyes

When operating a company that utilizes drivers, it’s up to business managers to help ensure that their employees are safe on the roads. An obstacle that professional drivers face every day while driving is the sun. Sunlight can decrease visibility all throughout the year, especially during early morning hours and the period where the sun begins to set.

The glare from the sun prevents drivers from spotting potential hazards, which is why it is essential to exercise caution during moments of decreased visibility. Below are some tips that managers can can instill in their drivers.

  1. Invest in a good pair of polarized sunglasses. Sunglasses aren’t just for the summertime. Polarized lenses are formulated with a special filter that blocks intense reflected light which aids in reducing glare. Wearing polarized sunglasses while driving can improve visibility. While these types of lenses can be helpful, they can reduce the visibility of images. They may prohibit drivers from being able to view their cell phone or GPS device, however.
  2. Install an additional visor. A vehicle’s sun visor can provide significant relief from the sun glare. Drivers should consider installing a secondary visor or mini visors that are usually sold at auto supply stores. An adjustable, removable visor can fill in the gaps of the original visor. In addition, there are some adjustable visors that are clear which allow the driver to see right through them.
  3. Make sure the vehicle’s windshield is clean. Often a dirty windshield combined with the glare of the sun can make it extremely difficult for a driver to see. Dirt located on the inside and outside of windshields can cause the sunlight beaming on it to refract and scatter which in turns heightens the glare. Drivers should clean the windshield regularly with products that are specifically created for cleaning glass and windshields. In addition, drivers should check the windshield for cracks and impediments which can contribute to intensifying the glare from the sun.
  4. Increase following distance. During periods of intense glare, drivers should increase the room between their vehicle and the automobile in front of them. This helps avoid accidents from occurring. Commercial auto insurance is a must have to ensure that your company’s drivers are always protected while on the road.
  5. Clean the dashboard. A cluttered dashboard can be a distraction. Sunlight can also reflect off an item on the dashboard which aids in decreasing visibility. Be sure to store items in the glove compartment or other storage areas located in the vehicle.

As always, be sure to have adequate commercial auto insurance coverage for your fleet of business vehicles in the event a driver is involved in a sun-glare accident.