Ticket Agency Insurance

Ticket agencies are responsible for selling tickets to a wide variety of popular venue events, including concerts, theater shows, special events and programs, sporting events, galas, and more. Some ticket agencies have local shops, while others sell primarily online; many popular ticket agencies offer both options.


Your risks as a ticket agency may relate to online business, such as the risk of cyber crimes or may be associated with general business risks, such as legal liabilities and employee injury risk. By purchasing ticket agency insurance, you can ensure the protection of your business and continue with your success.


Types of Ticket Agency Insurance


To get the best coverage available for your business, you should choose insurance policies that will protect probable risks as well as the unexpected. Consider purchasing the following ticket agency insurance policies:


Ticket Agency General Liability Insurance


To provide your ticket agency with protection against legal liabilities and lawsuits, you need a general liability insurance policy. General liability includes three main coverages: products liability, completed operations, and premises liability. For example, an accident occurring on inside your ticket agency lobby could cost you in legal and medical costs if a customer is injured. This is covered under premises liability. Completed operations include any type of services you provide that in turn cause damage.


Ticket Agency Property Insurance


Since much of your ticket agency business requires electrical equipment like computers and printers, you have a higher risk of electrical fires and overheated circuits. To protect your business from damage from fire and other unexpected events, you should get property insurance. This type of insurance policy is going to help pay for any necessary repairs to get your business up and running as soon as possible.


Ticket Agency Commercial Auto Insurance


You may not use a company vehicle often for your ticket agency, but every time you use a car to make a bank deposit, pick up supplies, or attend events, it is considered a business-related errand. These trips should be covered by business auto insurance. Business auto not only offers coverage for property damage or bodily injury after a vehicle accident, but many include vandalism and theft coverage as well.


Ticket Agency Equipment Breakdown Insurance 


Ticket agencies require different types of equipment for your daily business operations including a cash register, computer, printer, and various other types of equipment. If this equipment broke down, you would be out of business until it could be repaired or replaced. If you have equipment breakdown insurance, you will get your repairs and replacements done more quickly along with added income protection.


Ticket Agency Cyber Liability Insurance


If you have an online store for your ticket agency, cyber liability insurance is essential. Even with the best Internet security around, the more experienced hackers can still infiltrate your system and network. Protect the potential loss from these types of crimes with a cyber liability insurance policy. It steps in and provides coverage from the loss from a cyber crime when you aren’t able to prevent it.


Ticket Agency Workers’ Compensation


Most states in the US require you to have workers compensation for your employees, but if not, it is still recommended. Your employees could get work-related injuries while working for a ticket agency, such as a repetitive motion injury, or falling in the office. Even if you feel the risk is low, workers compensation is a good idea because it helps pay for medical costs, physical therapy, and missing income.


Ticket Agency Crime Insurance


Your ticket agency business is at risk for a variety of crimes including customers using forged checks or fake credit cards to pay for tickets, or employees printing tickets for their friends without paying for them. These crimes can result in a big loss for your business, but they can be protected with a crime insurance policy.


As a ticket agency, you have a variety of risks that you may be exposed to. Any one of these can make a negative impact on your business assets. However, you don’t have to lose your business over a lawsuit or other unexpected event. With insurance for your ticket agency, you can ensure the utmost protection from these events.