Figuring Out Exactly What You Need For Your First Home

things you need to buy for your first home

You have finally purchased a home and are almost ready to move in, but you’re wondering if you have everything you need to start this new phase of your life as a home owner. Read on to learn what you’ll need to buy.

First and Foremost: Insurance

Owning a home requires different insurance than anything you’ve  likely had in the past and is probably the most important thing you will need to buy for your new home. Not only will it be required before you can get a mortgage, it will give you peace of mind as you begin your new life in your new house.

Homeowners insurance provides broad-based protection for you and your new home investment by covering the dwelling itself, any personal property and the contents. It also provides you with personal liability protections for accidents that may happen on your property and pays out  medical payments for anyone injured in your home.

Your premiums will be determined by a wide variety of factors, such as the age of your new house, its location, size and amenities, so it’s best to get quotes from multiple carriers to make sure you’re getting the best rate. An independent insurance agency, such as BOLT, can provide you with access to multiple insurers, allowing you to compare rates and coverages to find exactly what you need.

Physical Things to Buy

Of course, there is also a list of physical items that will be  necessary for upkeep and safety in your new home:

  • Keys and locks. When renting, locks are part and parcel with the property. When you own the house yourself, you are responsible for the locks and keys. While most new houses come with locks, you should strongly consider purchasing new ones and having them installed. This protects you from any previous occupant who kept a key.
  • Garden supplies: Unless you want the aesthetics of your house to deteriorate, you should think about maintaining the lawn and landscaping around your home. You will likely need a lawnmower, as well as other rudimentary gardening supplies, such as shovels, rakes, or weed-whackers.
  • Tools: As a homeowner, simple maintenance chores, such as tightening loose screws and making simple fixes falls to you. If you do not have a toolbox, it is the time to purchase one. Or, if you do already have some tools, evaluate whether you have enough. At a minimum, you’ll likely want a hammer, wrench, pliers, saw, power drill, staple gun, tape measure and many different screwdrivers.
  • Painting equipment. You may be planning to repaint your new home, but even if you are not, having a paintbrush for touch ups is a good idea.

Start your shopping list now to be prepared to move into your new home. Bolt Insurance Agency is ready to help you get the insurance you need as well. Get a free quote to get started.