The Dangers of Having an Old Garage Door

Old Garage Door Homeowners Insurance

When you have an older home, you might like the authentic look of your vintage garage door. Unfortunately, having an older garage door can also put your home and safety at risk. It is still possible to have that vintage look, but with a modern door. Consider these dangers of having an old garage door when deciding if you should keep it or upgrade.

The Springs Can Break

One of the most dangerous parts of any garage door are the springs. In fact, this is one of the areas of a garage door that professionals advise you to never repair on your own. If those springs snap or break and someone is nearby, it could mean could a very serious injury. The door will drop heavily on anyone or anything in the way, from an individual to equipment, appliances, boxes, or cars being stored in the garage. This could happen when opening or closing the door, further increasing the risk of being nearby.

They Don’t Have Advanced Safety Technology

Another danger with the older garage doors is that they don’t have modern technology that newer doors have. For example, many new garage doors are made with sensors that will detect an object in the way when the door is closing. If it detects that a pet or small child is in the way of the door, it will not continue closing. This can save a lot of potential injuries. With an older garage door, you probably don’t have this essential benefit.

There is a High Risk of Theft

Unfortunately, security is another major disadvantage of old garage doors. The materials of a garage door, especially one made of wood, can put you at risk since they start wearing away, and are easier to break down. With the locks and other elements, they might be worn and rusty, which means someone could remove them or break them off a lot easier. This is all in addition to not having the high-tech safety features many newer garage doors possess.

The Hardware Can Be Faulty

The hardware of your garage door doesn’t just put you at risk of theft since it is easier to break into, but it can become faulty without you realizing. Springs are not the only part of a garage door that can wear down and ultimately cause the door to fail. You can also have issues with the tracks, wheels, and cables of the door.

If you have an older garage door and haven’t had a chance to get it replaced yet, be sure that you are covered with a sound homeowners insurance policy.