Jet Ski Insurance

A personal jet-ski is a small, recreational vehicle used on the water, where the rider sits and usually travels at high speeds. Due to its unique characteristics, it is not typically included on either a homeowner’s policy or an auto insurance policy; therefore a special personal jet-ski insurance policy becomes essential. Quite a few risks are associated with using a personal jet ski, such as physical damage from an accident or wear and tear on the jet ski, theft, vandalism, and property damage to other jet skis, not to mention bodily injury. These risks should be covered with an insurance policy designed specifically for personal jet skis.

Types of Personal Jet ski Insurance

Liability – If you choose a liability only policy, you can offer your personal jet-ski protection in the case of an accident that causes property damage. If you get into an accident with another personal jet-ski or vessel, the liability only coverage will cover the costs associated with the property damage.

Liability and Physical Harm – To take your liability coverage one step further, you can include physical harm and injury as part of the insurance policy. If during your accident, the other person was injured; their medical costs would also be covered.

Uninsured Jet ski – Unfortunately, not all owners of a personal jet-ski crafts will have adequate insurance coverage. If you involved in an accident with an uninsured jet ski, this policy covers the repairs to your own jet-ski or watercraft, as well as bodily injury coverage.

Increased Limits on Liability – No matter what type of liability insurance policy you choose, you will have limits on the liability. If you get into an accident with your personal jet-ski, and the cost of damages exceed the limit, the increased limits on liability insurance policy can help to cover those additional costs.

Pollution Liability Coverage – In the case of your personal jet-ski causing pollution or releasing toxic chemicals, such as oil or fuel spilling into a lake or ocean after an accident, you may be responsible for the damages of cleaning up the oil spill. In this case, a pollution liability coverage helps to cover these legal costs.

Towing and Assistance – Using a personal jet-ski in open waters puts you at risk of breaking down, or running out of gas. If this occurs, you may need towing assistance, the cost of which can be covered if you have towing and assistance insurance coverage.

Medical Costs Coverage – In the event of an accident with your personal jet ski, medical care may be necessary for you or another person on the jet-ski at the time. Medical costs coverage helps to pay the costs of medical care and treatment.

Trailer Coverage – You more than likely need a trailer for moving your personal jet ski from one location to another, which makes trailer coverage policies important. If something happens to your trailer that is used for transporting the jet ski, you can have insurance coverage for it.

Personal jet skis can give you an enjoyable time spent on the water, but you should also be prepared for the potential risks that come with owning and operating a jet ski. By protecting yourself from these risks with adequate personal jet ski insurance coverage, you can enjoy your time without worrying about what could go wrong.