Garage Keepers Insurance

What is Garage Keepers Insurance?

Garage keepers Legal Liability coverage is an optional coverage designed for business owners who offer towing services or operate service stations. Some examples of businesses that would need this coverage are: auto repair, towing, car washes, car alarm installation, windshield repair, detailing shop and car stereo installation. It protects a customer’s vehicle when you are keeping it at a covered location for parking or storing, or to perform service.

Why do I need Garage Keepers Insurance?

Garage keepers Legal Liability insurance provides protection in case a vehicle is damaged by fire, theft, vandalism or collision. Whether one car or a garage full of cars is damaged while in your care, the total amount covered by Garage keepers insurance is based on the limit you choose. A case where this may be needed is: You get a call to tow a vehicle at night. The garage that you need to bring the car to is closed so you store it in your garage overnight. During the night, you are broken into and the car is vandalized – Garage keepers would cover the loss. Another example is you take a repaired car out for a test drive and get into an accident. Garage keepers would also take care of a covered loss.