Snow Plow Insurance

Running a snow plow business, initially takes an investment in equipment. But once the business is underway, you’ll need to invest in marketing to make customers aware of your services and business insurance to keep your business protected.

Business insurance is important for any type of business, but each business has their own unique risks. With a snow plow business, you might work on a seasonal business, but during that time, you need to be sure your business assets and employees are properly protected. Here are some of the most important snow plow insurance policies.

General Liability

General liability is often the first policy you need for any type of business, and a snow plow business is included. With general liability, you have adequate liability insurance against potential damage to the property you are working on, and any bodily injuries that might occur. The property damage portion of the policy is for any damage that might accidentally occur to your client’s property, such as if you have a faulty snow plow that accidentally cuts off some of their lawn. You also have protection from bodily injury, if the client is home and gets a little too close to the snow plow.

Commercial Auto

Naturally, you will want to have a commercial auto insurance policy. You need a commercial auto policy that covers your work vehicles, but you want to ensure your snow plow is covered as well.

Since you are only using the snow plow during the winter, depending on your area, you may not need year-round coverage. It is often easier to get the snow plow coverage as an extension of your commercial auto policy. However, you might prefer a stand-alone policy only for your snow plow vehicles. Regardless, the policy will cover any collisions you might get into, including coverage for property damage, vehicle damage, and bodily injury.

Business Owners Policy

To simplify it further, you can opt for a business owners policy (BOP). This insurance policy includes several different areas of coverage, instead of just one policy. It includes liability, followed by other policies you and your independent insurance agent feel you need. You can customize it with commercial auto, business property, business income and expensive, and various other policies.

Workers’ Compensation

Your employees that are operating the snow plows should also be protected. Not only are employees at risk of injury when entering or exiting the vehicle, but they could get into a collision or other type of accident that causes bodily injury. With workers’ compensation insurance, their medical costs, medications, and recovery are covered. They might also have missed income from time spent recovering at home, included in this policy.

When choosing the right insurance policies for your snow plow business, consider your greatest risks and the policies that will best cover those risks.