Small Businesses Should Be Gearing Up For Summer

It was really only a few weeks ago that small businesses across the country were bemoaning the harsh winter weather that was taking a significant toll on their bottom lines. However, experts now say that owners nationwide should already be turning their attentions to the much busier summer seasons, when consumers tend to buy more, and growth and improvement become much more plausible propositions.

With the warmer weather now arriving, many small business owners might want to start thinking about what they’re going to do to make sure they’re bringing in as much revenue as they possibly can, according to a report from Fox Business. This might include not only making sure a storefront is in the best shape possible, but also searching around for opportunities to improve in other ways as well, such as by finding any events that might take place in their local areas over the summer months, and planning things of their own to draw more people to the company.

“The winter was tough on business, so we are looking for ways to make up for lost revenue,” Marci Semel, owner of Mara’s Cafe and Bakery in Fanwood, N.J., told the site. “We are taking a booth at the local farmer’s market. We are investing in a new banner and a tent and will have to pay additional staff each Saturday starting on May 17. In anticipation of the summer months, we are investing in new umbrellas and outdoor seating. We will increase the number of gelato flavors from 16 to 20 and add more smoothie drinks. Right now we are in the process of booking talent for our Wednesday night concert series that will run from May through the end of September.”

What else can be done?
Of course, owners should also treat the summer as a great way to draw more attention to their companies through marketing, the report said. For companies in areas that tend to be frequented by tourists, it might be wise to target these people specifically as a means of capitalizing on potential consumer dollars that simply isn’t going to be there when the colder weather hits again in the autumn and winter.

Owners who want to put more money aside for their various promotional efforts might want to think about the ways in which finding more affordable small business insurance can help them with their bottom lines. For instance, cutting costs for liability insurance could end up saving them thousands of dollars annually.