Small Businesses Must Prepare Now For Summer Hiring Rush

Every summer, millions of small businesses across the country go through the same old routine of taking on a large number of workers for a period of a few months. Many times they might not always find the best person for every job, and have to hire more people later on. However, the more preparation owners put into place in advance of this summer hiring season, the better off companies will likely be overall.

One of the biggest things owners can do to improve their chances of a successful summer hiring season is to develop a plan for how they’re going to seek out applicants, according to a report from the Casper Star Tribune. While many companies might simply hang a sign on their door that says they’re looking for new employees, others may need to be a little more diligent about it, especially because many other small businesses will likely be looking to hire from the same pool of people; for the most part, young people, like high school and college students will be the ones filling these seasonal jobs nationwide.

In addition, it’s wise for companies to get a jump start on the competition by beginning the process as early as possible, and making sure there are procedures in place to guarantee workers know exactly what they’re getting into, and how to best perform their duties, the report said. The more that can be done to prepare these employees for their new duties, the less likely they will be to quit halfway through the summer, as is the wont of many such young workers.

What else can be done?
Companies hoping to attract workers through online means might also need to make sure their websites are up to date and modern looking, the report said. Too often, small businesses have websites that look like they haven’t been updated in years, and when targeting teens and those in their early 20s, that could be a major turnoff when it comes to attracting interested, talented employees, even when they’re working for just a few months.

Owners should also make sure their companies are financially prepared to take on more workers, such as by cutting costs where possible. For instance, finding more affordable small business insurance coverage, like general liability insurance, can help companies save thousands of dollars per year, which can then go toward bringing on those seasonal part-time workers.