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As a small-business owner (or someone thinking about opening a small business), your head is probably spinning over the choices when it comes to the types of insurance coverage your company needs. It’s important how each type of coverage protects you, your employees and your business.

Web Designers Insurance

Web designers and developers are business professionals educated and specialized

in providing unique and creative web design products including websites, web graphics,

and developing various programs for their client’s blogs or websites. Along with

the ability to use their natural designing skill in a rewarding profession, web

designers and developers have a variety of risks associated with their line of business.

The risks range from issues that may come up with the work they have done for their

clients, security breaches, or accidents that can happen in their work office. Web

designers insurance is available in many different types of policies in order to

cover these and other risks that may arise with being a web designer or developer.



Types of Web Designers Insurance



A variety of types of web designers insurance is available to cover possible risk

exposures of owning a web designing business, including natural disasters and extreme

weather conditions that can cause damage to equipment or offices, security breaches

or employee dishonesty acts, or mistakes made by the designer that caused the client

to lose money or business.



Web Designers General Liability Insurance



Many web designers and developers conduct business out of a formal office, where

they might have visitors or potential clients visit their workspace. This increases

the risk of bodily injury to anyone who visits their web design business due accidents

can happen, such as a visitor tripping over cords or furniture in the web design

studio. General liability insurance for web designers provides coverage to the web

designer if he is sued over damages from this type of occurrence.



Web Designers Business Owners Policy (BOP)



A business owners policy, also referred to as a BOP, is a type of business insurance

that offers protection from a combination of risks. As a web designer, your electronic

equipment — like your computer, printer, and scanner — is essential for your job.

If something happens in your office which causes the equipment to malfunction, your

BOP policy can help you pay for repairing the equipment or replacing it altogether.

It also helps provide assistance if you will be out of work for the length of time

the equipment is repaired or replaced. Your web designing business also most likely

has expensive software applications for your design and developing work, which is

protected by your business owners policy in the case of your hard drive crashing

or other electronic malfunction.



Other Web Designers and Developers Insurance



Aside from general liability and a comprehensive business owners policy, there are

other insurance options for web designers and developers that protect against additional

risks that may arise. Protect your web designer business with the following policies:



Web Designers Professional Liability Insurance



In the case of a client suffering from a financial burden from an error, mistake,

or oversight while designing their website, or developing a program for their business,

your own web designing business will be protected with professional liability insurance.

This type of insurance for web designers policy offers you financial protection

if a project you have made a mistake on a project which the client is now suing

you for.



Web Designers Commercial Auto Insurance



Any time you use a vehicle for business purposes, whether it is to pick up supplies,

drop off materials, or to visit a client, commercial auto insurance is essential.

Commercial auto insurance policies protect your business from financial burden if

you or one of your employees gets in an accident while using the vehicle for business-related




Web Designers Workers Compensation



If your web design business has employees working for you, such as other web designers

or developer assistants, you are required by law to carry workers compensation insurance.

In the case of an employee becoming injured in your web design office, they will

be covered by worker’s compensation insurance for medical care and treatments, as

well as providing them with income assistance if they are unable to work while their

injury is being treated.






Surety bonds acts as a guarantee that you will abide by any contracts you have with

your clients, such as your turnaround time, promise of high quality work, and other

terms that may be listed on the contract. By being bonded, you are showing your

client that you run a reputable business that commits to each project.



You have worked hard to form a web design business that is known for a reputation

of quality work — and you should therefore protect your business from a host of

risks that can arise through business practices. Offer your business the security

and web designer insurance protection it deserves with policies that protect your

financial and business assets.