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What Coverage

does your business need?

As a small-business owner (or someone thinking about opening a small business), your head is probably spinning over the choices when it comes to the types of insurance coverage your company needs. It’s important how each type of coverage protects you, your employees and your business.

Restaurant Insurance – without Alcohol

As a small business restaurant owner, did you ever wonder what would happen if your restaurant unintentionally and inadvertently sold contaminated food that made a customer sick? What about fires from burning candles, open flames, or fryers?  Should any of these events happen to you, you’d realize that adequate restaurant insurance is as good as tasty food and repeat customers.


Some examples of types of restaurant insurance coverage include:


Food Contamination Coverage. This type of insurance for restaurant coverage can protect you if you restaurant unintentionally sells contaminated food, which makes a customer sick. Food contamination coverage not only covers your restaurant from financial loss, but also helps with rebuilding your restaurant’s reputation.


Equipment Breakdown Coverage. To be protected against damaged caused by motor burnout, mechanical breakdown, or power surges, consider equipment breakdown coverage. That way if your oven, refrigerator, or even your credit card machine breaks down, you’re covered.


Valet Parking Coverage. If you restaurant provides valet parking, then it is good idea to get valet parking coverage as part of your restaurant insurance, which will protect you if a valet worker damages or wrecks a customer’s car.


Property/Business Income Coverage. With cooking flames, fryers and candles for atmosphere, fire is a real threat in a restaurant. Consider property, business or general liability insurance for restaurant coverage to protect from a damaging fire.


Medical Payments Coverage. Should a customer get burned by your food, medical payments coverage can help to cover the medical bills.


General Liability Coverage. If a customer makes a special food preparation or ingredients request, such as “no peanuts”, and you fail to comply, general liability coverage can protect you.


Utilities Services Coverage. Utilities services coverage along with business income coverage can cover damages or income loss to your restaurant due to disruption of services (i.e. power goes out) such as gas, electric and water.


Other types of coverage for restaurants include food spoilage coverage, employment related practices, business interruption coverage, customers’ information and credit card risk coverage, and recharge and clean-up expenses coverage.