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What Coverage

does your business need?

As a small-business owner (or someone thinking about opening a small business), your head is probably spinning over the choices when it comes to the types of insurance coverage your company needs. It’s important how each type of coverage protects you, your employees and your business.

Residential Janitorial Supply Store Insurance

Janitorial supplies store most often sell to commercial janitorial companies, but also sell to non-janitorial commercial companies as well. Janitorial supplies sold consist of a wide range of products including cleaners, carpet cleaning solutions, laundry soap, disinfectants, degreasers, industrial deodorants, soaps, and chemicals. Cleaning equipment for janitors may also be sold such as carpet cleaning machines, trash bags, paper and plastic products, and mopping equipment. Much of the business risks associated with operating a residential janitorial supplies store is in the products you sell. Many of your cleaning products and chemicals are flammable, which increase the chance of a fire and damage. Protect fire and other business risks by getting residential janitorial supplies store insurance.

Types of Residential Janitorial Supplies Store Insurance

There are a variety of insurance policies appropriate for your type of business. The following are the most important types of residential janitorial supplies store insurance.

Residential Janitorial Supplies Store General Liability Insurance

The first business insurance policy you should buy for your residential janitorial supplies store is general liability insurance. General liability has three different coverages included: premises liability, products liability, and completed operations. Products liability offers coverage from products you sell that cause damage to the client. Completed operations is for services you provide that also cause some sort of damage or loss. With premises liability, a client or customer that has an accident and gets injured while in your store can sue for damages. The premises liability portion of the policy helps cover these legal costs.

Residential Janitorial Supplies Store Product Liability insurance

Product liability insurance is essential when you operate a residential janitorial supplies store. Your store sells sensitive cleaning products and chemicals that could cause injury. These injuries can then be turned around on your company and you can be sued for damages. With product liability insurance, these legal costs and financial ramifications are properly covered.

Residential Janitorial Supplies Store Cyber Liability insurance

If your residential janitorial supplies store sells cleaning products or janitorial equipment online, you should protect your business and your customer’s privacy by getting cyber liability insurance. You will be at risk for a wide range of cyber crimes including experienced hackers who can get behind the cyber protection you have put in place. While these acts can’t always be prevented, you can better recover from them when you have cyber liability insurance.

Residential Janitorial Supplies Store Commercial Auto Insurance

Your residential janitorial supplies store most likely uses a company vehicle for making deliveries to local businesses or picking up supplies. Because these trips are business-related, a business auto insurance is needed. You can customize your business auto insurance policy according to your preferences, such as getting full coverage to cover uninsured motorists, property and vehicle damage, and personal injury.

Residential Janitorial Supplies Store Property Insurance

There are a variety of unfortunate and unexpected events that could occur and damage your products and your business offices. This includes natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, flood, and fire. If any of these were to happen and you didn’t have insurance, you would be responsible for thousands of dollars or more in replacements or repairs. However, if you had property insurance at the time of the event, you can get help repairing the damage and getting back to business as soon as possible.

Residential Janitorial Supplies Store Crime Insurance

Your residential janitorial supplies store is at risk for a host of crimes, including employee dishonest acts like embezzlement or theft, as well as shoplifting or vandalism by customers or clients. Even with surveillance equipment and background checks for your employees, you still run the risk of being a victim of crime. The best way to protect your janitorial supplies store is with a crime insurance policy. It provides benefits for any loss incurred from a crime within your store.

Residential Janitorial Supplies Store Workers Compensation

Worker’s compensation is an important insurance policy for any business to have. Worker’s comp, as it is often called, is for the benefit of your employees as well as your residential janitorial supplies store. It will provide coverage for business-related injuries or illnesses sustained by one of the workers but it has benefits for you as well. Say for instance an employee slips on a puddle of cleaning solution and sprains an ankle. Worker’s comp will pay for their medical costs and missed income, but it will also keep your company from being responsible for these costs or being sued for the injury.

By choosing from these residential janitorial supplies store insurance policies, you can continue operating a successful business without the added concern of business risks and what it could mean to your business assets.