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What Coverage

does your business need?

As a small-business owner (or someone thinking about opening a small business), your head is probably spinning over the choices when it comes to the types of insurance coverage your company needs. It’s important how each type of coverage protects you, your employees and your business.

Nursery and Garden Center Insurance

Nursery and garden centers are often expansive and carry a wide assortment of gardening items. This could include potted plants, perennial and annual flowers, shrubs, container gardens, seeds, trees, potting mix, soil, fertilizer, gardening tools, fountains, pots, mulch, and many more items. Your risks are also varied and include injury in your garden center from the dangerous and often sharp tools you carry, as well as other types of liabilities. To protect your risks, get the right kinds of nursery and garden center business insurance.


Types of Nursery and Garden Center Business Insurance


Choose from the following types of business insurance for your nursery center. These insurance policies each cover a different range of risks.


Nursery and Garden Center General Liability Insurance


Any accidents that occur in your garden center or greenhouse can be covered by general liability insurance. Since one of your major risks is that of personal injury to customers, liability insurance for your business is vital. For instance, if a customer is looking at gardening tools and a rake falls and injures them on the arm, the resulting medical costs from this injury are your responsibility. General liability will step in and cover these costs.


Nursery and Garden Center Commercial Auto Insurance


Many nurseries offer delivery of large plants and shrubs and will therefore need commercial auto insurance. If you use your vehicle for deliveries, picking up supplies, or meeting suppliers, you should have a business auto insurance policy. It not only protects you from the cost of damaged vehicles or bodily damage, but also theft of your materials in the vehicle.


Nursery and Garden Center Business Property Insurance


The plants, flowers, and tools at your garden center could be destroyed very easily if a natural disaster or extreme weather were to happen. This doesn’t even touch the fact that you are prone to fire with the types of products you carry. This makes it crucial to get a business property insurance policy. As a case in point, if a fire broke out that destroyed your building and your plants and shrubs, you would have the repairs and replacements covered.


Nursery and Garden Center Equipment Breakdown Insurance


Greenhouses and nurseries often use a variety of equipment to function, such as rope lights, growing lights and lamps, seed bed warmers, and a bevy of other equipment. If this equipment were to break down, you would have to spend a lot of money getting it repaired. With equipment breakdown insurance, purchased as part of your nursery and garden center business insurance portfolio, you have coverage for these costs, even if they have to be replaced.


Nursery and Garden Center Cyber Liability Insurance


If you sell perennials, seeds, tools or other items from an online store, you should get proper insurance protection. Cyber crimes are common among online stores, and could cause significant loss. These crimes include hacking into your website, stealing financial data from your customers, causing viruses of your website or shopping cart program, and many other unfortunate things. Cyber liability insurance will protect your business from the loss of income, damage, lawsuits (like from customers), and loss of reputation as a result of the crimes.


Nursery and Garden Center Workers’ Compensation


Your employees are working around potentially dangerous tools, equipment, and chemicals, including being high on step stools or ladders and handling sharp tools. They should be protected with a policy that covers medical costs, such as worker’s compensation. With workers comp, any work-related injury or illness will be protected and the employee’s medical costs are covered. The policy also covers lost income while they’re recovering.


Nursery and Garden Center Crime Insurance


Dishonest employees or customers pose a risk to you when crimes are involved. You could have items stolen from your garden and nursery center, an employee could steal money from your cash register, or the store structure itself could be vandalized. While you can’t always prevent these crimes from occurring, you can offer your business more protection with a crime insurance policy.


The best way to protect your garden and nursery center is by considering all your risks and choosing business insurance that will protect each and every one of them.