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Architect Insurance

Architect businesses are responsible for designing and renovating a variety of different structures. This can include everything from commercial building and apartment complexes to bridges and residences. Architects responsibilities range from the early design stages up to the planning and construct
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Engineers Insurance

Engineers are responsible for the design and development of a variety of machines, structures, instruments, materials, systems, and processes. They can be classified as a chemical, electrical, civil, aerospace, environmental, mechanical, or other engineer. Some engineers work as independent contract
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Land Surveyors Insurance

professional Surveyor engineer making measure on the field
Land surveyors perform an array of tasks in a typical day that are related to surveying land, marking land boundaries, researching property records at the courthouse, creating maps based on their research and surveying, and writing legal descriptions of the land. They also assist with organizing and
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Draftsman Insurance

A draftsman works with clients helping provide technical building drawings, whether they are for engineering or architectural work. It is mostly done digitally and it helps the construction process of new buildings and structures. It is a very important job to get right and you are at risk for a num
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