Many Small Businesses Still See Tough Hiring Conditions

These days, the economy has been improving for some time, and many small businesses have likely been able to reap the rewards of that. However, not all of them have had a lot of luck in trying to expand, and this is often due to a difficulty in hiring. However, when it comes to the cause of this issue, experts are quite divided.

Today, a number of surveys state that many small business executives believe that they’ve had a lot of trouble hiring in recent months because they simply cannot find a wide enough variety of qualified candidates from which to choose, according to a report from the Associated Press. However, many Americans who have sought a job in the past few years likely know all too well that the application process can often be frustrating and cut-throat, with many companies never even bothering to reply back to submitted applications, or applicants never hearing back from a firm even after going on an interview.

What’s the issue?
For their part, companies largely defend their actions in this regard by saying that they receive a large number of applications and that the people submitting them are largely unqualified, the report said. Would-be workers, meanwhile, say that they need to see more interest from companies to be able to take the possibility of employment seriously. Many firms, they say, treat applicants poorly.

“How I respond depends on the person,” Becky Cole, who has been looking for a job since January, told the news agency. “If they have made an effort to be a human being during the interview, I will email to cancel and let them know why I don’t plan to show up.”

Moreover, given that there are still typically far more applicants in the field than available jobs, many companies are also able to be a little less accommodating in terms of what they’ll offer employees, while also being more demanding, the report said. The current market being what it is means employers can ask for more robust qualifications while also offering lower pay or benefits, and people will still inquire after open positions.

Companies that want to expand hiring may also need to shore up their finances first so they can put together stronger salaries and perks to attract top-flight prospective workers. That could include taking time to cut overall expenses, such as those for small business insurance. More affordable commercial insurance, for example, could save firms thousands of dollars annually.