Manicurist Business Insurance

If you own a manicurist shop, you likely provide manicures and other nail services, such as pedicures or eyebrow threading. You need to have certain insurance policies to cover your risks, including professional liability insurance, damage to your property, or crimes committed by your employees. The following manicurist business policies cover all of your risks, allowing you to relieve the stress of unexpected events that might come up.

Types of Manicurist Business Insurance

The following lists the most important types of manicurist business insurance policies to get for your shop:

General Liability

A fundamental policy you should obtain for your manicurist business is general liability insurance. This policy includes coverage for premises liability, products liability, and completed operations. If after giving a manicure, your customer finds out there was a mistake or damage of some kind, the claim is covered under completed operations. Premises liability is for coverage of any damages or injuries causes in your nail salon.

Business Auto

If you ever use your vehicle for business errands, such as picking up new products to give manicures, or going to the post office, you need to have a commercial auto policy. It covers things like vehicle accidents, bodily injury, property damage, and theft from your vehicle.

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

A BOP, or business owner’s policy, is a business insurance policy that includes general liability and other policies. You choose what you want included in the policy, based on your risks. This might be building and contents, equipment breakdown, electronic data, or business income and extra expenses. Consider your risks and choose policies that will cover those risks most efficiently.

Products Liability

While products liability is included in your general liability policy, it can also help to have it as a stand-alone policy. You may sell nail polish, remover, and other products in your shop. If the products are defective and cause illness or injury to your customers, they can sue you for damages. These legal costs are covered by this type of manicurist business insurance policy.

Business Property

Protect your shop’s property with a manicurist business property insurance policy. If there is an earthquake, major snowstorm, or fire, for example, it could cause damage to your business and contents. You are able to cover the cost of repairs and replace items that were destroyed by having the business property insurance policy.

Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance, sometimes referred to as errors and omissions, is meant to protect you from mistakes or errors you might make. If you are doing a manicure for a bride, and it gets messed up but it is too late to fix it, she could sue you for this oversight. The legal costs are covered by the professional liability insurance policy.

Cyber Liability Insurance

If you or your website is a victim of a cybercrime, such as a data breach or hacking event, it could mean paying for losses on your own part, as well as any damage or loss for visitors to your website. Cyber crimes, such as fraudulent activity or identity theft, can occur even with great security measures. Protect your assets with coverage from a cyber liability insurance policy.

Employee Dishonesty Coverage

If you have an employee that provides a manicure for free for a friend, or takes nail polish and other supplies from your nail salon, the losses become your responsibility. However, if you have protection from an employee dishonesty policy, you have a way to cover these risks.

Workers’ Compensation

It may seem like there is little risk to your manicurists, but there are some illnesses or injuries they can get on the job. This includes tripping over something when walking through your salon, becoming ill from the fumes of providing manicures, or experiencing an allergic reaction when using a new type of nail polish. Protect any injuries your employees might experience with a workers’ compensation insurance policy, which is an important manicurist business insurance policy to have if you have employees.

After protecting your shop with these essential manicurist business insurance policies, you can focus more on running a successful business.