How Your Roof Type Impacts Your Home Insurance Rates

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Until age, hail, rain, snow, or some other natural disaster causes leaks, many home owners don’t think much about their roof. But for insurance companies, the roof is one of the most important parts of the house when it comes to determining your premium.

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7 Tips for Safer Spring Driving

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7 Tips for Safer Spring Driving

Spring is just around the corner, and while that may mean less ice and snow on the roads, it doesn’t mean that driving hazards are completely eliminated. In fact, the spring brings with it a whole new set of driving hazards that fleet drivers need to be aware of.

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Tips to Secure Your Belongings During an Open House

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Secure Belongings Open House

When hosting an open house, it’s important that you secure your belongings. Although the last thing on your mind when showing your home and the probability of it happening is low, you will likely still want to safeguard your valuables. Below are some tips to secure your belongings when you are showing your home.

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Compare Auto Insurance Quotes – Why You Should Do It

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Compare Auto Insurance Quotes

Comparing auto insurance quotes can be instrumental in helping you save money on your auto insurance. Even if you love your current insurance company and don’t want to leave, you can use lower quote offers from other companies to encourage your company to lower rates in order to compete for your continued loyalty.

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Does Car Insurance Cover Pothole Damage?

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Pothole Damage

You can’t avoid potholes, particularly in the winter months and early spring. And the likelihood of potholes increases with harsh weather conditions. Unfortunately, this can also increase your chances of severe damage to your car.

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How to Safely Thaw Frozen Pipes

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Frozen Pipes-min

The best way handle frozen pipes is to keep them from freezing in the first place. Unfortunately, this sometimes can’t be avoided and by acting fast, you can reduce damage to your pipes and home as well as the cost of repairing them. Frozen pipes don’t always burst, but when they do, it’s because the water freezes and expands which adds significant pressure to your pipes. This then causes a crack in your pipe or a small leak which can result in water flowing inside your house.

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Save Me Some Money on My Auto Insurance

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Do I Need Jewelry Insurance?

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Jewelry Insurance-min

The beauty of fine jewelry can be intoxicating, and it can be very exciting to wear your pieces for special occasions. If you own, and enjoy wearing valuable jewelry, it’s likely you’ve considered purchasing jewelry insurance, in case it ever gets damaged, stolen, or lost.

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Types of Commercial Property Damage from Winter Storms

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commercial storm damage insurance

Winter storms have ravaged parts of the country in the recent weeks and months, causing extensive damage to various types of structures, and commercial properties are among the structures that have suffered extensive damage. Wet, heavy snow, high winds, and frigid temperatures combine to create conditions that are perfect recipe for structural damage.

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7 Common Homeowner Furnace Mistakes

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7 Common Homeowner Furnace Mistakes

When the weather is cold, you automatically think of turning to your furnace for warmth. However, there are various common homeowner mistakes you can run into if you’re not aware. For this reason, let’s take a look at seven of these, so you can remain furnace-safe throughout the year.

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