The Dangers of Having an Old Garage Door

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Old Garage Door Homeowners Insurance

When you have an older home, you might like the authentic look of your vintage garage door. Unfortunately, having an older garage door can also put your home and safety at risk. It is still possible to have that vintage look, but with a modern door. Consider these dangers of having an old garage door when deciding if you should keep it or upgrade.

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Should You Become a Lyft Driver?

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If you’ve ever used Lyft to get around, or even if you’ve only heard of it, you may have thought about becoming a driver for the company.

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Best Practices for Choosing an Insurance Deductible

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Your insurance deductible determines how much money the insurance company expects you  to contribute to auto and home repairs if you’re involved in an accident or a covered event occurs.

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How the Internet of Things and Smart Homes are Changing How We Live

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Life is beginning to resemble a James Bond movie. Watches act as telephones and smart phones take pictures, unlock doors, open windows, turn off home alarm systems, and remotely turn on the lights. We’re even looking at future roadways filled with driverless cars.

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Insurance for Drones

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Drones have grown in popularity in recent years as a hobby enthusiasts take to the sky, but without the proper preparation, you may find yourself in legal trouble or out a significant amount of money if your drone should crash.

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IHS Recommended Vehicles for Teens

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One of the proudest moments in the life of a teen is when he or she receives a driver’s license. It’s also one of the most unsettling moments for parents.

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How Your Roof Type Impacts Your Home Insurance Rates

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Until age, hail, rain, snow, or some other natural disaster causes leaks, many home owners don’t think much about their roof. But for insurance companies, the roof is one of the most important parts of the house when it comes to determining your premium.

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7 Tips for Safer Spring Driving

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7 Tips for Safer Spring Driving

Spring is just around the corner, and while that may mean less ice and snow on the roads, it doesn’t mean that driving hazards are completely eliminated. In fact, the spring brings with it a whole new set of driving hazards that fleet drivers need to be aware of.

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Tips to Secure Your Belongings During an Open House

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Secure Belongings Open House

When hosting an open house, it’s important that you secure your belongings. Although the last thing on your mind when showing your home and the probability of it happening is low, you will likely still want to safeguard your valuables. Below are some tips to secure your belongings when you are showing your home.

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Compare Auto Insurance Quotes – Why You Should Do It

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Compare Auto Insurance Quotes

Comparing auto insurance quotes can be instrumental in helping you save money on your auto insurance. Even if you love your current insurance company and don’t want to leave, you can use lower quote offers from other companies to encourage your company to lower rates in order to compete for your continued loyalty.

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