Which Home Security Systems Help Reduce Your Insurance Rates?

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A home security system is a major investment. In addition to
paying for installation of security devices and cameras, you often have a
monthly fee for monitoring your system. While the thought of added protection
is nice, many homeowners balk at the final price tag of a home security system.

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How Different Types of Tires can Affect Your Risk of an Accident

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We all know how important tires are for our vehicles. But,
have you stopped to consider how important your tires are in preventing an
accident? When tires become weak or old, they lose their effectiveness, and
they can be very dangerous as you drive. Also, tires that have been recalled
can seriously impact your ability to safely drive your car. Keep reading for
more information on how different types of tires can affect your risk of an

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Pros and Cons of Using Insurance Driving Monitors in Your Car

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Driving monitors are the latest trend for car insurance
companies. Many insurers are offering driver monitor programs that promise to
lower rates for safe drivers. The benefits include lower premiums and improved
safety, while the drawbacks can include raised prices and privacy concerns.
Keep reading for an overview of the pros and cons of using insurance driving
monitors in your car.

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Smart Homes are More Affordable than You Think

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Smart homes are all the rage these days, but you do not have to break the bank to outfit your home in the latest technology. Homeowners can find affordable smart home devices that provide considerable cost savings on energy and water bills. Also, some homeowners insurance quotes may be lower if your home uses smart technology.

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Protecting Yourself from Car Accidents During the Winter

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Winter driving can be intense depending on where you live. For
all drivers, safety should be a major concern in order to protect themselves
and others on the road. Bad accidents can do more than damage your car or cause
injuries, though. Insurance premiums and fees are often related to your driving
history, so accidents can cause your insurance payments to increase.

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Best Auto Insurance for College Students

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best auto insurance for college students

Getting the best auto insurance for college students isn’t always easy. After paying rent, tuition, books, and other expenses, you’re lucky if you have any money left over for yourself. Paying for costly auto insurance is the last thing you want to do. However, it’s very possible you can get good auto insurance with an affordable premium, even as a college student. You just need to know what you’re looking for and how to shop around.

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What is Liability Coverage for Auto Insurance?

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liability auto insurance

Liability protection is one of the key coverage aspects of a good auto insurance policy. In some states, the law required drivers to maintain a minimum amount of liability insurance coverage in order to drive. Auto liability coverage comes in two primary forms: bodily injury liability and property damage liability.

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What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

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renters insurance

Just because you’re only renting an apartment and not buying a home, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect yourself andpersonal belongingsfinancially. And, regardless of the size of your apartment, whether it’s a four bedroom lavishly open design or a tiny studio, you need backup should disaster strike. But, what does renters insurance cover?

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How Do I Get Car Insurance for My Teenager?

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car insurance for teens

You may be reluctant to add your teenage driver to your auto insurance policy. Your teen is not only taking a big step as a new inexperienced driver, but you’ll also stand to face an increase in your insurance premium.

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What to do if Your Car is Broken Into During the Holiday Season

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car theft

What to Do if Your Car is Broken Into During the Holiday Season

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