Apartment Break-Ins Are More Common Than You Might Expect

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If you don’t make a habit of looking at residential burglary statistics, you might not realize exactly how common break-ins and thefts from apartment residences really are. Most media coverage of burglaries and home invasions tends to focus on condominiums and freestanding houses, with some coverage of the situation when it comes to row houses and flats, but very little focusing on high-population-density apartment housing. The fact of the matter is that break-ins are fairly equally distributed between apartment dwellings and single-family homes in most states, so your odds of an apartment break-in are not that different from your odds of experiencing one in another kind of home.

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Best Insurance Coverage Addons You Can Get

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Not all car insurance addons will have benefits you can use. Because you are in a unique situation, you should talk with the agents here at BOLT Insurance Agency to figure out which of these addons are really right for you. If you don’t have time to come in, you can use this quick guide to help you figure out which addons are typically the best.

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5 Surprising Statistics About Apartment Theft

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How safe are you and your belongings from a home invasion? The answer might surprise you. Although many people believe it will never happen to them, burglary statistics say otherwise. In fact, someone’s home or apartment is burgled every 18 seconds in the United States. Check out these other staggering statistics and then determine how you can protect yourself.

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4 Reasons You Need Renters Insurance

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According to research conducted in 2016, only 41 percent of renters have renters’ insurance. While this is a significant increase from 2011’s 29 percent, it still isn’t enough. You may be wondering “why get renters insurance.” The answer is simple: it’s affordable, it protects your property and it likely saves you money in the long run. Check out these reasons that insurance for your apartment is so important.

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The Best Security Products for Your Smart Home

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A smart home is one equipped with products that are connected to a network and can be controlled remotely by an electronic device. By some estimates, over half of homes today contain at least one smart product. Increased efficiency, comfort, connectivity, and convenience are some of the advantages that smart homes offer, but the reason many people invest in smart home technology is for security purposes. There are many excellent smart home security products on the market that protect homes and families from security threats.

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What Happens If You Get Hit by an Uninsured Driver?

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When you are in an accident, you may have a lot of thoughts fly through your head in a relatively short amount of time. Your first concern may be with your wellbeing and the health of the others in your vehicle. This may turn to worry about your vehicle and its ability to continue driving. As you start to soak in the bigger picture, you may start to worry about the driver who hit you. Is he or she OK? When you get out of the car to check, you may try to exchange insurance information so you can start the claims process. What can you do if the other driver tells you he or she does not have any insurance? Getting in an uninsured driver accident doesn’t have to add extra stress to your life.

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Do You Live in One of the 5 Most Expensive Auto Insurance States?

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Some of us are lucky to live in the cheapest car insurance states, while others must pay much higher premiums for auto coverage. Although prices also vary depending on the driver’s age, the types of coverage you need, your driving record, and other factors, geography plays a major role in the cost of your auto insurance policy. Find out where you can expect to pay much more than the national average annual premium of $1,318 and where you are able to save on this necessary expense in your household budget.

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4 Common House Buying Scams To Look Out For

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Buying a house is one of the biggest decisions a person will ever make. The process can already be tough to navigate through, and it is made even more difficult in the fact some people do not have your best interest at heart. Before you get a homeowners insurance policy on your new abode, you need to avoid these house buying scams that can cause you to lose a ton of money.

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What Happens When Your Car Is Stolen?

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Few feelings are as scary as walking back to a parking structure to discover your vehicle is missing. Depending on your auto insurance policy, you may be covered for the total value of your car. Before you have a panic attack, make sure to follow these steps immediately after your car is stolen.

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Fun Hidden Features of Your Smart Speaker

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Wi-Fi smart speakers with built in virtual assistants are one of the most popular smart home devices. It’s estimated that over 20 percent of households in the United States have a smart speaker. Popular brands include Amazon and Google. Amazon’s lineup includes the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, and Tap models and features a virtual assistant referred to as Alexa. Google’s smart speaker is called the Google Home and features the Google Assistant.

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