What You Should Know About Black Ice

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black ice dangers

Snow can be the cause of road hazards for even the most experienced of drivers. However, when it comes to ice, black ice in particular, driving conditions can be treacherous.

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What You Should Know About Rock Salt and Your Pet

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What You Should Know About Rock Salt and Your Pet

Rock salt can be hazardous to your pet when you apply large amounts to your outdoor pavements and driveway. It’s important that you understand these hazards and reduce how much you use or stop using it altogether by using alternatives instead. This can help keep your pet healthy and even save its life. Below are some things you should know about rock salt and your pets.

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Snow Plow Insurance

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Running a snow plow business, initially takes an investment in equipment. But once the business is underway, you’ll need to invest in marketing to make customers aware of your services and business insurance to keep your business protected.

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The Many, Many Consequences of Drunk Driving

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Many Consequences of Drunk Driving

You’ve probably heard countless public service announcements and seen just as many commercials addressing the dangers of driving while intoxicated. What you may not have seen are the many reasons why it’s such a bad idea and the various consequences you may face as a result of driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs. Intoxicated driving is not a victimless crime. That is why the penalties can be so harsh. Below are just a few of the consequence you may face for driving under the influence.

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Tips to Prevent Christmas Tree Fires

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avoiding christmas tree fires BOLT

There is nothing more festive and homey than a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. All those ornaments, tinsel, and lights give any home a magical feel. However, it’s those very same Christmas lights can sometimes be a very deadly fire hazard.

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Safeguarding Your Small Business for Holiday Hazards

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protect your business from holiday hazards BOLT

Small businesses get a variety of things from the holidays – additional staff to boost sales, more foot traffic, and celebratory decorations. In addition to these, they also get more customer slips, trips, and falls. Because of this, when you are getting your business prepared for the holidays, you want to prepare for safety as well.

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Tips to Avoid Snowplow Hiring Scams

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avoid snow plow scams BOLT insurance

When your business parking lot is filled with snow, the last thing you want to worry about is being scammed.  However, this is the time of the year to be on the lookout for snow removal scams, according to the Better Business Bureau who says it’s commonly referred to as a ‘common cold weather deception’. This is when scam artists come to your business and offer their snow removal services for your sidewalks and parking lots. They quote you a price that seems reasonable enough, but when it comes time for the bill, they bill you a lot higher than what they quoted. With some precaution, you can avoid scams when you are looking to hire snowplow services this winter season.

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Preparing Your Small Business for the Winter

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preparing business for winter BOLT insurance

Winter is approaching fast and the shift in the weather can make any small business owner cringe. One of the leading causes of injury for commercial businesses is slip and fall accidents. Snow and ice become a problem because of the weather change and your business is at risk of a potential lawsuit during this time more than ever. However, practicing good maintenance and housekeeping can help prevent injuries and now is the time to start preparing.

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When is a Car Considered to be “Totaled”?

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How to Protect Your Home When You’re on Vacation

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Protect Home While on Vacation

When you leave for vacation, whether you’re leaving for a quick weekend getaway or you’re going away for a week or over, it’s important that you ensure your home and personal possessions are protected. You can keep your home and belongings safe by taking a little extra precaution. This way, you can enjoy your vacation with a little piece of mind knowing your personal belongings and home are secured. Below are some tips on how to do this.

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