10 Ways to Keep Would-Be Thieves Out of Your Garage

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home security tips

Your garage stores a lot of valuable items and presents a potential point of entry into your home to would-be thieves. Keeping them out of your garage must be a priority for families today interested in protecting each other and the possessions you’ve labored long to accumulate. These 10 steps can help make your garage a less attractive target for thieves.

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Insurance for Smart Cars

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smart car insurance

With the constant fluctuations in costs for gas and a growing focus on leading greener lives, it is no small wonder that more and more Americans are making the move to purchase Smart Cars for their daily commutes. These vehicles offer an economical alternative to the bigger, bulkier, gas guzzling cars on the market and leave a much smaller carbon footprint – which can have a massive impact on the planet.

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Pros and Cons of Paying Your Car Insurance Policy Annually

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paying car insurance

Buying car insurance is a big decision. It’s important to make sure you’re getting the right coverage for your needs. But, did you know you have a choice when it comes to paying for your car insurance? Many consumers are unaware that most companies offer customers the option to pay annually, monthly, or even to pay twice yearly.

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How Much Does it Cost to Own a Car?

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cost of owning a car

Car ownership is one of those rites of passages that most Americans look forward to from very young ages. It represents the freedom of the open roads and the ability to go where you please and do what you want.

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What to Know about Wi-Fi Video Connected Doorbells

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doorbell camera

Also referred to as Smart Doorbells, Wi-Fi video connected doorbells are all the rage these days among people who adore technology and always want to have the newest toys with the coolest features. Before you dive in and buy, though, there are a few potential pros and cons to bear in mind when it comes to using Smart Doorbells on your home.

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What are My Options After Getting a Ticket?

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what to do when you get a ticket

There are few things that can ruin a good day faster or more thoroughly than getting a speeding ticket. They never happen at a good time and the downsides are no fun at all. Not only do you have to pay the fine associated with the speeding ticket, but there are a few unintended consequences to consider as well, such as points on your driving record that will remain in place for years and the hit your ticket will likely cause to your auto insurance premiums.

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Understanding Collision Avoidance Technology

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collision avoidance technology

Technology is changing the way we drive. While we’re not quite yet at the point of completely driverless cars proliferating the roadways, technology has advanced to the point where it can compensate for many common distractions we face while driving to help us keep our minds on the road and not the many distractions that could cause accidents and injuries.

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Smart Outlets 101

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smart outlets

The future is here. Many people find the technological benefits it has to offer fascinating. One of the new technological wonders that is hitting the market today is the “smart” outlet. These are outlets that allow you to control things in your home via smartphone apps. Before you make the investment, there are a few things you need to know.

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How Much Should Car Insurance Cost?

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how much should car insurance cost

How much should your auto insurance cost? It’s not that simple to answer. There are several factors that can determine whether you pay a high monthly premium or a low one. Some factors may include the following.

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Beware of Phishing in the Smart Fish Tank

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smart fish tank

Reports broke on July 19, 2017 of an instance where hackers wormed their way into casino databases by exploiting a vulnerability in the smart fish tank the casino was using to feed its fish and regulate the environment within the tank to keep the fish safe and comfortable.

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