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Digital Destinations and a Look at In-App Offers

Our lives increasingly occur online. From shopping to chatting with friends to exploring new cultures and ideas, the digital world supports our activities on an unprecedented scale.

As insurance customers head online for things they used to do in person, insurance carriers, agents and brokers need to meet these customers in their digital spaces. Tools like bolt Exchange Amplify make it possible for insurers to connect with customers via digital destinations and in-app offers.

Defining Digital Destinations and In-App Offers

A digital destination uses technological tools to recreate a real-life experience in an online environment. Digital destinations differ from mere websites or apps in their comprehensive focus on immersion and community.

An in-app offer allows an app user to make a purchase without leaving the app environment, explains Adam Barone at Investopedia. While an app with in-app offers doesn’t create a full-fledged destination experience, they work together to expand the task-specific nature of the app into an additional site for relationship-building. People who use the app can connect with other vendors, such as insurers, for a more holistic experience online.

How To Meet Customers Where They Are

Insurers who build a strong digital presence have better access to customers, even during periods of uncertainty — such as a global pandemic.

When COVID-19 shut down brick and mortar businesses, companies found themselves in one of two camps. Those that had robust digital delivery methods could still reach their customers. Those that had lagged behind found themselves adrift. Two years later, many of the businesses in the second group no longer exist, notes Chai Rajebahador, executive vice president at Zensar Technologies.

One way insurers are futureproofing themselves against oncoming uncertainty is by building a robust online presence. To do so, many are embracing tools like bolt Exchange Amplify.

By using bolt Exchange Amplify, insurance carriers can place their offerings within the right digital destination and in-app contexts. For example, an insurer can reach customers shopping for a car online via an in-app offer that connects with the customer at the moment of purchase. The result is an easier, more pleasant experience for customers and stronger relationship-building for the carrier — all of which takes place in, and enhances, the digital environment.

Digital destinations and in-app offers make it easier than ever to carry out our activities online. With tools like bolt Exchange Amplify, insurers can meet customers in these digital spaces. Together, insurers and customers can build stronger relationships through a more holistic online experience.

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