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How Agents Can Use AI-Driven Tech To Personalize the Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence has been a source of fascination and fantasy for many years. While AI-enabled technology can’t replace human expertise or run entire businesses unaided, it can help insurance agents better understand and assist customers.

Here’s what agents need to consider when choosing AI-driven tech for their businesses.

What AI Can (and Cannot) Do for Agents

Predictions that AI will replace insurance agents don’t match up with reality. Customers still need insurance agents’ experience and insight. No computer can provide the nuanced support of a human agent in a one-on-one customer experience.

AI-enabled digital tools can, however, organize information more efficiently for both agent and customer. These tools can lighten an agent’s administrative workload and provide a better experience for all involved.

AI can help customers find information and assistance faster when they need coverage. Insurers and agents “can leverage AI on their platforms — both web and mobile — to allow customers to quickly find an answer to a question,” writes Simon Pickersgill, senior vice president at AI-powered engineering services provider Qualitest Group.

AI-enabled tools can tailor education and information to a specific customer. In insurance, for example, AI might respond to information about a customer’s age and insurance history by providing more educational materials to a younger, less experienced customer and more price-related information to an older or more experienced customer, says Baiju Devani, head of artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics at TD Bank Group.

Instead of forcing each customer to wade through information they don’t necessarily need, AI-based personalization provides more relevant information up front to each customer. By the time the customer speaks to an agent, they’re ready to ask the right questions to get the coverage they need.

Choosing the Right AI-Enabled Tools

Digital tools have an important role to play in optimizing the customer experience. The right tools can help agents and carriers personalize the customer journey, provide a consistent customer experience and enhance customer support, writes Richa Pokhriyal, vice president of marketing at IT services and solutions company Damco Solutions.

While Pokhriyal focuses on customer relationship management platforms, the same benefits may be found in other AI-enabled digital tools, such as bolt Exchange Unify.

Midsize to large agencies and brokerages can unite carrier appointments and improve operational efficiency with bolt Exchange Unify. The platform leverages AI to help agents and brokers provide a better customer experience in several ways, including:

  • Automated workflows. AI-enabled workflows let agents compare quotes and prices side by side from various carriers. They also automate form completion and help agents focus on the most relevant questions for each customer.
  • Access to more carriers. Within bolt Exchange Unify, agents and brokers gain access to more than 120 carriers of personal and commercial insurance lines. The platform makes it easy to connect each customer with exactly the coverage they need.
  • A single interface. Agents and brokers don’t have to learn multiple pieces of software, nor do they have to switch rapidly between screens or tabs. Everything required to provide customer support is present within bolt Exchange Unify.

With AI handling tasks like completing forms and comparing quotes, insurance agents and brokers can focus on answering customers’ questions. These professionals can spend their energy on challenging insurance questions, not on routine tasks.

AI can’t replace agent and broker expertise. With bolt Exchange Unify, however, AI can provide valuable support to enhance the customer experience.

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