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Digital Transformation Is Now: The Importance of Analytics and Big Data for Brokers

Brokers play a vital role in the insurance economy, one that places them center stage between the end customer and insurance carriers, and…

The Keys to Better Customer Experiences and Increased Revenue

Jim Dwane, Chief Revenue Officer, bolt Great customer experiences increase customer retention, encourage higher levels of customer…
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Commercial Insurers: Business Customers Must Get Serious About Cybersecurity

In 2020, some 37 billion records were compromised in data breaches. Data security is the great responsibility that goes hand-in-hand with…
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Alternative Distribution: Be the Hero on Your Customer’s Journey

Jim Dwane Chief Revenue Officer, bolt Alternative distribution is one of the most exciting things in insurance today because it impacts so…
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Digital Transformation: Do Agents Have What They Need Today?

For several years, the insurance industry faced warnings that it lagged behind other industries in its pace of digital transformation. Then…
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How Extended Reality (XR) Technology Could Change P&C Insurance

Extended reality (XR) technologies change the way we interact with everyday reality by providing more information, gathering data and…
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Uber’s Out of the Self-Driving Vehicles Race — What’s Next for Insurers?

For several years, Uber was a top name in the race toward fully autonomous, self-driving vehicles. In December 2020, however, Uber announced…
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How To Successfully Market Parametric Insurance Policies

The COVID-19 pandemic revealed a number of shortcomings in traditional insurance coverage. Many business owners, for example, discovered…
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Why Field Agents Play an Important Role for P&C Carriers

Insurance technology is changing the carrier-agent relationship, along with every other aspect of insurance. Abandoning the agent model…

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