How to Have a Safe Holiday Season at the Office

The holidays are approaching quickly and thoughts are turning from quarterly reports and budgets to thoughts of reindeer and fruitcake (well, maybe not fruitcake). It happens in the best of offices and there are plenty of holidays to be enjoyed this time of year to make for one great big celebration.

It’s great for businesses to plan a little festive cheer for its employees and customers. However, paying attention to a few important details can help you make sure your office is a zone of safety during the holiday season. These are a few things you need to do to have a safe holiday season at the office.

Food Safety Considerations

This is the time of year when everyone is baking delicious goodies and bringing them to the office. While many things, such as cookies and some cakes, can sit out for a while without posing any problems. There are plenty of other items that need to be refrigerated properly or even heated before eaten and put away quickly afterwards to avoid spoiling.

Another thing you might want to pay close attention to is labeling foods that are allergen-free. Common allergies you might want to consider when bringing food to share with the entire staff include gluten allergies, nut allergies, and seafood allergies.

Decorating Safely

Decorations are an important part of the celebration process for many people enjoying the holidays. They can transform the entire workplace into a much more festive environment for the duration of the holiday season. However, they can also pose a major safety issue.

Here are a few tips to keep our office decorating activities safe for everyone:

  • Avoid extension cords when possible.
  • If extension cords are necessary, make sure they aren’t overloaded and that they do not pose a tripping risk.
  • Don’t use open flames. Candles are gorgeous this time of year but there are plenty of flameless candles to help fill the gap.
  • Avoid using ladders when you can. If they are needed, keep them out of walkways during office hours. If necessary, stay until after regular office hours to hang high decorations.
  • Keep the aisles and walkways free of decorations to avoid slips, trips, and falls.

Alcohol – To Serve or Not to Serve

As a small business owner you face a great deal of responsibility for the health and well-being of the people who work for you. If you decide to serve a little spirits to compliment the eggnog at your office party, make sure you’re taking note of employees that may be enjoying a little more freely than as prudent and providing alternate, judgment-free, transportation for their ride home.

The best holiday gift you can give your employees is a safe place to work now and throughout the New Year. These simple tips will help make sure that happens.

We at BOLT Insurance Agency wish you a happy and safe holiday season.