Dog Training Insurance

Dog trainers are responsible for training dogs of all ages and of many breeds. A dog trainer may be responsible for puppy classes, obedience training, agility, and specialty training classes for dogs with specific behavioral problems. There are also dog trainers with special experience, such as those who train guide dogs, also known as service dogs, to help those with disabilities. Some dog trainers work from their own business premises, while others will visit the client’s home.


As a dog trainer, you are able to have a rewarding profession doing something you love, but you are also exposed to a variety of risks. For example, you have the risk of becoming injured from a dog, along with a client visiting your place of business and being bit by another person’s dog. Protect liabilities and other risks by choosing the right kind of dog training insurance.


Types of Dog Training Insurance


There are many types of dog training insurance policies you can choose from. Below are the most important policies to contemplate:


Dog Training General Liability Insurance


General liability insurance for dog trainers includes premises liability, products liability, and completed operations. For a dog training company, premises liability will cover any accidents occurring on your business premises, such as a client slipping when another dog gets loose. Completed operations includes overage of services you have provided, such as a lawsuit from a dog improperly trained. Products liability will cover any products you have sold your clients, which may include dog collars or treats that caused harm to a dog.


Dog Training Property Insurance


You should always have precautions set to protect your dog training establishment and the dogs you are currently training and caring for. This includes smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and access to emergency exits. However, events may still occur such as fire, flood, or natural disasters. To protect against the potential loss to your building, building contents, and the dogs in your building, you should have property insurance.


Dog Training Commercial Auto Insurance


If your dog training business provides mobile services where you help train client’s dogs at their home, you should have business auto insurance included in your dog training insurance arsenal. This auto insurance policy will provide coverage in the event of a motor vehicle accident on the way to the client’s home, along with additional coverage for theft and vandalism. Getting into an accident might cause bodily harm or property injury, both of which are covered by business auto insurance.


Dog Training Crime Insurance


While the crime risk may be low as the owner of a dog training business, it’s not impossible. You could have an employee embezzle money from your business or customers pay with invalid information such as stolen credit cards. You may not notice the dishonest acts until after you have provided them dog training services, meaning you are out money and time. To protect your business from such crimes, purchase a insurance for dog training crime insurance policy.


Dog Training Workers’ Compensation


Worker’s compensation will protect your dog training business from any work-related injuries. Employees are at a higher risk of injury when they work as dog trainers or assistants. Dogs may scratch or bite the employee while being trained, even if it is just a puppy and learning the proper way to behave. However this could lead to necessary medical care which worker’s compensation will pay for. If the employee has to miss work to recover, worker’s comp also pays for lost income.


Because you love your successful dog training business, you should protect that business with insurance. Unexpected events are often unavoidable, but by being prepared with insurance for your dog training business, you won’t have the added worry, and can enjoy your canine training business with peace of mind.