Dirt Bike Insurance – Insurance for Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes are motorcycles that are lightweight, and easier to handle for riding off-road including dirt trails, motorcycle tracks, and open desert terrain. Unlike road bikes, they’re often used by teens and children, in addition to adults. Dirt bikes can be an exciting sport for people of all ages, but they also come with their own set of risks. The terrain itself becomes a hazard for dirt bike riders, due to how rough it can be for the rider, even one who is wearing protective gear. Additional risks of riding dirt bikes include those related to severe weather conditions, like rain or strong winds — which may increase the risk of an accident, physical injury, getting lost while riding, or even mechanical problems. Risks like these can be covered by a dirt bike insurance policy, which will provide coverage for a variety of issues that may come up while owning and riding a dirt bike. While it is always important to use proper safety precautions in order to prevent accidents and serious injury, insurance is also important to obtain.

Comprehensive Coverage

There is a long list of risks and reasons to obtain dirt bike insurance and if you’re looking to cover most if not all of them, the comprehensive coverage policy is one to consider. Since there are different types of dirt bikes, including those used for motocross competitions, endure bikes for longer off-road racing, dual-sport bikes for street and dirt use, and trail bikes for dirt trails and paths, a comprehensive coverage is the best way to get coverage for any type of dirt bike you have. A comprehensive dirt bike insurance policy will cover a variety of risk exposures, including vandalism, theft, and fire, which aren’t always covered by other policies.

Collision Coverage

An unfortunate realization of riding a dirt bike is that at some point you may get into an accident. Even the most careful rider may come into contact with another dirt bike, object, or vehicle. In order to cover the costs of repairing or replacing your dirt bike in the case of a collision, you should consider getting collision coverage. This type of insurance policy will help cover the cost of damages to your dirt bike as a result of the collision.

Liability Coverage

Along with covering the cost of repair or replacement of your own dirt bike, consider the cost of damaging another person’s dirt bike or property, and covering physical injury in the case of an accident. Liability coverage will help pay for repairs to the other person’s property, as well as help pay for medical expenses if he becomes physically injured during the accident.

Theft Insurance

It’s also possible to get theft coverage as part of your dirt bike insurance policy, which may prove to be important later on. While you may not think you have a chance of getting your dirt bike stolen, the fact is they do get stolen. Dirt bikes are heavy, but not impossible to steal, and you will be better off having this coverage than risking losing your dirt bike and having to pay thousands of dollars to replace it.

Custom Accessories Coverage

As a dirt bike rider, you most likely have put extra money into your bike and the accessories you choose to bring along with you. Whether it’s a new paint job, expensive rims, or replacing some of the manufacture-issued parts for custom-made ones, you have spent time and money on your bike. While traditional insurance policies for dirt bikes may not have coverage for your custom accessories, you can add on custom accessories coverage and protect the investment you have made on these types of additions.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

As with a vehicle, you want to offer yourself additional insurance protection from uninsured motorists. In the case of an accident with another vehicle who did not have proper insurance, you might be responsible for damages that weren’t your fault. Cover these expenses with an uninsured motorist insurance policy for your dirt bike.

No matter what type of dirt bike you choose to ride, you deserve the protection a dirt bike insurance policy can provide. Protect your investment by choosing the coverages you feel you are at risk for and enjoy your dirt bike without additional worry.