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Do I Have to Have Renters Insurance?

do i have to have renters insurance

More landlords today are having their renters buy renters insurance while they're a tenant. There are many benefits for both the landlord and you to have your own renters insurance. Not to mention, renters insurance isn't expensive. Things happen, unfortunately. Your apartment could flood and cause

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10 Fall Heating Safety Tips

Fall Heating Safety Home Insurance

If you're like most people, saving money on your heating bills is something you strive to do. However, there are safe ways to do it. It's essential that you practice safety when you’re heating your home this coming winter season since home heating fires and other safety hazards are quite common.

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Tell-Tale Signs of a Piping System Leak in Your Home

Leaking Pipe

It’s often only when you have a problem with your piping system that you appreciate just how important the water in your home is to you, and your family. You use your water for so many activities, such as drinking, washing clothing and dishes, brushing your teeth, bathing, and showering, as part o

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Dos and Don’ts of Safe Summer BBQs

Safe Summer BBQ Bolt Insurance

It’s getting to that time of year where we all love to get into the great outdoors and enjoy a BBQ. Those long summer days are filled with fun and the opportunity to spend quality time with friends and loved ones. However, it is important that fire safety is not overlooked when you’re cooking ou

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Changes You Should Notify Your Insurance Agent Of

Changes to notify Your Insurance Agent Of

Like many people, you probably only think of reviewing your insurance policy when your renewal notice shows up or if you have to make a claim. However, there are numerous common changes that will require you to give your insurance professional or insurance company a call. Home

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Tips for Running Your Lawn Mower Safely

tips for Running your Lawn Mower Safely

You have to mow your lawn every weekend during the summer. It's something we all have to do. But, running a lawn mower requires careful preparation and consideration of safety issues. Each year, there are over

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What Type of Fire Extinguisher Should I Buy for My Home

Fire Extinguisher For Your Home

When there is a fire in your home, you will usually rely on early warning from your smoke detector, but after calling the fire department, how do you handle it? Some smaller fires can be put out on your own with the help of a fire extinguisher. This can help to prevent calling the fire department an

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Insurance for Your Vacation Home

Insurance for Your Vacation Home

Vacation homes have a few specific needs that most homes don’t have when it comes to insurance coverage. Because they sit empty for long periods of time, many insurance companies offer limited coverage on these homes. Failing to get the right coverage could find you having a few regrets if there i

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The Dangers of Having an Old Garage Door

Old Garage Door Homeowners Insurance

When you have an older home, you might like the authentic look of your vintage garage door. Unfortunately, having an older garage door can also put your home and safety at risk. It is still possible to have that vintage look, but with a modern door. Consider these dangers of having an old garage doo

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Tips to Secure Your Belongings During an Open House

Secure Belongings Open House

When hosting an open house, it's important that you secure your belongings. Although the last thing on your mind when showing your home and the probability of it happening is low, you will likely still want to safeguard your valuables. Below are some tips to secure your belongings when you are showi

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