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Insurance for Electric Cars

smart car insurance

With fluctuating gas prices and a growing focus on leading greener lives, it’s no wonder that an increasing number of Americans are purchasing electric Cars for their daily commutes. These vehicles offer an economical alternative to bigger, less fuel-efficient vehicles and may leave a smaller carb

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How to Save Money on Full Coverage Auto Insurance

cheap full coverage auto insurance

You may have heard of full coverage auto insurance, but chances are you're not quite sure what it covers. And if you do know, you may wonder how to get the best price or where to go for insurance quotes. Below are ways to find economical car insurance that's right for you. What Full Covera

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Do You Need to Purchase Car Insurance to Rent a Car?

do you need insurance to rent a car

When you're standing at the counter of a car rental agency, do you find yourself confused about whether you need to purchase the extra insurance they’re offering? If so, you're not alone. For some people, it may make sense to buy the supplemental insurance, but before making any decisions, you ne

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Do My Auto Insurance Premiums Increase If I Get a Speeding Ticket?

does a speeding ticket raise your insurance

It’s true that speeding tickets are unwelcome news for drivers. Not only are they expensive in their own rights, but they also happen to be gifts that keep on giving for quite a while by way of higher insurance premiums down the road. One speeding ticket does not always result in an instant boost

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How Having a Dash Cam Can Add a Second Layer of Protection

Your car is an investment, so it is important to protect it. You already pay a considerable amount for vehicle maintenance and insurance costs, and you probably do not want to add more to those fees. Installing a dash cam can offer an additional layer of protection for your

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How Different Types of Tires can Affect Your Risk of an Accident

We all know how important tires are for our vehicles. But, have you stopped to consider how important your tires are in preventing an accident? When tires become weak or old, they lose their effectiveness, and they can be very dangerous as you drive. Also, tires that have be

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Pros and Cons of Using Insurance Driving Monitors in Your Car

Driving monitors are the latest trend for car insurance companies. Many insurers are offering driver monitor programs that promise to lower rates for safe drivers. The benefits include lower premiums and improved safety, while the drawbacks can include raised prices and priv

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Protecting Yourself from Car Accidents During the Winter

Winter driving can be intense depending on where you live. For all drivers, safety should be a major concern in order to protect themselves and others on the road. Bad accidents can do more than damage your car or cause injuries, though. Insurance premiums and fees are often

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Best Auto Insurance for College Students

best auto insurance for college students

Getting the best auto insurance for college students isn't always easy. After paying rent, tuition, books, and other expenses, you're lucky if you have any money left over for yourself. Paying for costly auto insurance is the last

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What is Liability Coverage for Auto Insurance?

liability auto insurance

Liability protection is one of the key coverage aspects of a good auto insurance policy. In some states, the law required drivers to maintain a minimum amount of liability insurance coverage in order to drive. Auto liability covera

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