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Tips for Avoiding Buying A Used Car that Has Been Flooded

Car Flood Insurance

Occasionally, when you are in the market to buy a used car, the middleman car buyer will hide the flood-damage history of the car intentionally. This is referred to as 'title washing'. Once the flood water has receded from the car, it can leave it damaged which eventually causes problems for you dow

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Best and Worst Times to Purchase a Car

If you are in the market for a new vehicle and want to maximize value, according to car-buying experts, purchasing your new car at a certain time of day, month or year can help you save money. Timing your new car purchase can be worth the effort. Below are the best and worst times to purchase a new

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Have You Checked Your Vehicle for Recalls?

Vehicle Recalls

When you’re driving yourself or with your family or friends in your car, you naturally want it to be as safe as possible. You know that you’re a good driver who doesn’t take risks on the road, and your car is mechanically sound. However, there’s more to driving safety than that. You may hav

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The Dangers of Taking Selfies or Videos While Driving

Dangers of Distracted Driving Bolt

We all know that texting while you drive is dangerous, but that is not the only smartphone activity that is now risking people's lives on the road. Taking selfies or videos while driving is now becoming more common and is increasingly distracting drivers. In fact, research by AT&T found that&nb

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Changes You Should Notify Your Insurance Agent Of

Changes to notify Your Insurance Agent Of

Like many people, you probably only think of reviewing your insurance policy when your renewal notice shows up or if you have to make a claim. However, there are numerous common changes that will require you to give your insurance professional or insurance company a call. Home

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What Should You Have in Your Emergency Car Kit

Emergency Car Kit Auto Insurance

Anything can interrupt your travel plans. You can run into some bad weather. Your car can break down. It is always an unpleasant experience, if it happens and you’re not prepared, it can be a lot worse. You can alleviate some of the stress and hassle by having a roadside emergency kit. Some of the

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Ways to Get a Better Quote on Boat Insurance

Better Quote on Boat Insurance

You’ve always dreamed of owning a boat; setting sail on the open water, feeling the breeze blow through your hair, and smelling that fresh salt water. Now your dream is about to come true! You have finally taken the plunge and purchased your very own boat! Fun on the water awaits you and your lov

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A Guide to Wearing Motorcycle Gear for Safety

Motorcycle Gear Safety Guide

It's really a no-brainer whether you choose motorcycle gear that is stylish or that will let you walk away from an accident. Sure, safety gear can't always prevent a crash, but it can definitely protect you from serious injuries if something does happen. This is only if you make smart choices when b

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Tips to Prevent ATV Accidents

ATV Accidents Insurance Bolt

Since all-terrain vehicles are often driven at high speeds and over rough terrain, there is a high risk for accidents. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do what you can to try to reduce these accidents. The following tips help to keep you safe by practicing common sense and avoiding ATV a

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