Land Surveyors Insurance

Land surveyors perform an array of tasks in a typical day that are related to surveying land, marking land boundaries, researching property records at the courthouse, creating maps based on their research and surveying, and writing legal descriptions of the land. They also assist with organizing and planning the development of certain properties. Since land surveying is often a physical job, some risks are associated with the profession including the risk of bodily injury, driving their own vehicle, on-premises accidents, and risks related to clients being unsatisfied with their work. Due to these risks and others, land surveyors should have land surveyors insurance policies that cover every potential risk in order to secure their job and financial assets.

Land Surveyors General Liability Insurance

No matter what type of business you have, general liability insurance should be mandatory, land surveyors included. As a land surveyor, a number of risks should be protected, such as accidents, hazards, and other unforeseen circumstances. General liability insurance protects you, your business, and your clients as any accidents involving them will be covered by the policy.


  • Products Liability – Any time you provide products to your clients, you are at risk of the products being defective and causing bodily harm to the client. Products liability insurance includes products, services, and advertising materials that can harm a client.
  • Premises Liability – If you have clients visiting your office, there is always a risk that they will become injured while on the premises. Although as a land surveyor, you may not pose much risk to clients, anything can happen from accidentally hurting their foot on a file box left out to tripping over a computer cord. Premises liability protects you from costs associated with things that happen on the premises of your office.
  • Completed Operations – As part of your general liability insurance policy, completed operations will also be covered, such as lawsuits that may occur after you have finished your land surveying duties. This includes damage to their property while surveying it, or making professional decisions that cost them.

Land Surveyors Business Owners Policy

As a land surveyor, you should also obtain additional land surveyor insurance coverage that includes optional coverages based on your expected risks. A business owners policy (BOP) is a package policy that allows you to customize the insurance policy and choose what to cover. For example, if you want to have extra protection against an employee being dishonest such as theft or vandalism, you will be protected. Additional aspects of a business owners policy include buildings and contents, business income, electronic data (files on your computer), and acquired or constructed buildings.

Land Surveyors Workers’ Compensation

If you own a land surveyor business and employ at least one person, you should have workers comp for your employees. Workers comp provides medical treatment and income assistance if an employee gets injured or becomes ill from work-related tasks. It is also good for you to have it for your business so that employees can’t sue you for the injury or illness.

Land Surveyors Commercial Auto Insurance
As a land surveyor, you use a company vehicle for business purposes every time you visit a piece of land or visit the courthouse for research. Since your vehicle is used for business reasons, it should be protected with commercial auto insurance. Commercial auto insurance policies cover physical injury from car accidents, property damage, theft, and vandalism of the vehicle. Damage caused by unforeseen circumstances such as fire, flood, or natural disasters are also covered.

Land Surveyors Commercial Umbrella Insurance
Most insurance policies will have coverage limits so the commercial umbrella policy is in place to fill the gaps between what you owe and what your primary insurance policies will cover. For example, if there is a storm that causes flood damage in your land surveyor office, and the cost to repair or replace contents and do remodels is $1 million but your insurance only covers $500,000, then the umbrella insurance policy will be able to make up the difference.

Land surveyors have the responsibility of doing research and finding boundaries of land for a variety of purposes, and should protect their hard-earned business with adequate land surveyors insurance policies. Taking the time to obtain the right kind of insurance can keep your business afloat in the case of an unexpected occurrence.

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