Wedding Planner Insurance

As a wedding planner, even if you not planning a royal wedding, it’s still challenging

to pull together all the details of a bride and groom’s special day. Coordinating

all the moving pieces of an amazing wedding takes a lot of hard work, attention

to detail, and dedication. While planning a wedding can be glamorous and fun, it’s

not without stress. Your client’s depend upon you to orchestrate a wedding that

comes off without a hitch. In most cases, that’s exactly what happens. But sometimes,

even with the most diligent preparation, mishaps happen. That’s why it’s important

to have wedding planner insurance.



Let’s take a look at the most appropriate business insurance for wedding planners.



General Liability Insurance



General liability wedding planner insurance protects you and your business when

mishaps, unforeseen accidents, or other unexpected situations occur before or during

the wedding. General liability insurance protects you, the wedding planner, against

financial loss, while also affording protection to your bride and groom.




  • Premises liability.When the bride and groom visit your office or retaillocation, you can have peace of mind that you are covered should an accident of

    bodily injury occur on your premises. In the event that your property gets damaged

    or client medical costs are incurred due to an injury, rest assured that you’re

    protected with the premises liability component of your general liability insurance




  • Product liability.Do you sell products, such as wedding invitations, centerpieces,or wedding party gifts as part of your wedding planning business? If so, you should

    consider products liability insurance that provides financial protection — including

    legal defense costs — should a product cause harm or injury from its use. Even

    more important if you are the manufacturer of these products.



  • Completed operations. In the event that one of clients decides after youcompleted planning their wedding that your services caused them suffering, pain,

    or damages, completed operations insurance can provide payment for judgments, repair,

    settlements, medical costs, and legal defenses.

Commercial Auto Insurance



If you use a car, truck or van in your wedding planning business, then commercial

auto insurance provides you with monetary protection in case of an accident. It

not only covers the physical property damage to the vehicles involved in an accident,

but can pay medical expenses for physical injuries sustained in the accident. Business

auto insurance also pays for losses due to theft. You’re also covered should you

rent or lease a vehicle to haul materials for the wedding, even if you don’t own

the vehicle. Similarly, if your employees use their own vehicles in helping you

plan a client’s wedding, non-owned automobile insurance can provide coverage for

third party bodily injury and property damage.



Workers’ Compensation



Workers’ compensation is an important wedding planner insurance if you have employees

working for you in your wedding planning business. Although individual states have

varied requirements, workers’ compensation insurance is mandated by law. In essence,

workers’ compensation provides your employees with coverage against occupational

illnesses and work-related accidents. For example, if a worker falls from a ladder

while putting up wedding decorations, workers’ compensation insurance would provide

coverage for medical and rehabilitation expenses, as well as lost wages while your

employee is recovering from the fall.



Business Owners Policy



Whether you wedding planning business is a startup or a long-standing business,

it’s vital to protect not only your business assets, but your own personal assets

as well. A business owner policy, referred to as BOP for short, can be customized

to meet the unique needs of your wedding planner business. However, wedding planners

typically construct a business owners policy insurance that includes business interruption

insurance, liability insurance, and crime insurance, just to name a few. For example,

should a bride sue you for allegations of negligence in planning her special day,

awarded damages and litigation costs would be covered under a business owners policy.



Commercial Umbrella



If your other wedding planning insurance policies have maximum limitations on claims

or have certain exclusions, your commercial umbrella insurance policy can pick up

coverage where your primary policies leave off. This type of policy is meant to

provide extra or supplemental coverage, and many wedding planners find that it gives

them the extra peace of mind that you want.



You’ve spent months — or perhaps years — planning the once-in-a-lifetime day for

your blushing bride and proud groom, and your clients rely on your expertise and

skill to plan their perfect day. You’ve put a lot of hard work, time, and effort

in planning each and every wedding — and take great pride in this fact. So make

sure you’re fully protected with wedding planner insurance.

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