Boost Employee Morale Through These Apps

If you want to boost productivity at your company by encouraging your employees through praise and morale, today you have more help than days gone by. Thanks to recent technological development and the popularity of mobile phone apps, you have a number of apps at your fingertips to spread the love to your employees. These apps are often free or very low cost, giving you a cost effective and simple way to boost your employee’s morale — while giving you a variety of other benefits and features in the process, like improved employee productivity.

The following apps will give you straightforward ways to offer your employees’ positive reinforcement, praise, and encouragement.

iAppreciate – iAppreciate is a mobile phone app released by O.C. Tanner Co. that is giving employers the perfect opportunity to motivate and encourage their workers. Not only will you be able to send uplifting messages of positive reinforcement like “Great Job!”, but employees can also use the app to communicate with each other and share their recent praises on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Available for iPhones, Android, and Blackberry operating systems, iAppreciate is free of charge.

Achievers – With Achievers, you can boost your employee’s morale by giving them points for various tasks, like exceeding a sales goal. The points they earn can be applied towards certain perks or awards that you decide for them. With the app, employees will be able to track their own points, which in turn will encourage them to be more productive.

GiveAWow – For a monthly fee, employers and employees can use GiveAWow to give each other virtual praise through high-fives and other forms of recognition. The bulletin board atmosphere lets employees praise each other for doing well at work, along with giving employers a place to post on the virtual bulletin board with their own acknowledgment. Employees can also earn Billboard music downloads through the bulletin board’s point system which is available for Androids, iPhones and iPads.

Employee Appraisals – If you’re looking for a way to provide honest feedback for your employee’s performance at work, you can use Employee Appraisals. The app provides you with a variety of features including the ability to create worker goals, set tasks with due dates followed by praise for achieving their tasks and goals, and encouraging employee’s morale through praising their achievements.

Sparcet – Sparcet is a mobile phone app that is accessed through your employee’s personal Facebook or Linkedin accounts. As an employee, you can use Sparcet to offer virtual praise and recognition to your employees, as well as employee-to-employee recognition. Sparcet is available to be used on Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) operating systems as well as PCs.

Boosting your employee’s morale is the first step to improving the production and success of your business. Whether you choose to use a mobile phone app or not, when you have individuals working for you who are happy with their jobs and receive positive reinforcement from their boss, chances are they will work harder, be more productive, and provide you with high-quality results.