Workers Compensation – more than just Basic Coverage!

The BOLT workers’ compensation options can go beyond the industry standard, adding
valuable coverage at nominal cost with our Extended Options Broad Form Endorsement
that adds important enhancements.

Basic Coverage for Work-related Injuries or Illnesses, Lost Wages, and Medical Care

CoverageHow You Will Benefit
Basic Coverages for Work-related Injuries or Illnesses. Lost Wages and Medical CareLost wages and Medical Care: Policies can includes compensation for lost wages,
the cost for medical care and rehabilitation and legal services related to a workers’
compensation or employer’s liability claim. To complement these coverage’s, Carriers
can also provides a whole host of unique services that help you better manage claims…before
the injury, after the injury and during the recovery process. These special services
include: loss control services, early claim reporting, countrywide provider networks,
nurse case managers, catastrophic injury care and vocational rehabilitation.
Employer’s Liability in Monopolistic StatesIn some states, the state governments mandate that employers purchase workers’ compensation
insurance from the state fund. If one of your employees travels to one of these
states and is injured, files a workers’ compensation claim, that state’s laws would
apply. In such a situation, you’ll be reassured to know that we can provide “employer’s
liability” coverage. This coverage would pay for related expenses and damages in
case you are sued for the employment-related injury or illness.
Employer’s LiabilityTo recover benefits under your state’s workers’ compensation law, your employees
don’t have to prove you were somehow responsible for their employment-related accident
or disease. But under certain circumstances, they may be able to successfully sue
your business to recover damages beyond the workers’ compensation benefits. If so,
you’ll be comforted to know that the employer’s liability portion of your workers’
compensation policy can pay for the damages awarded to your injured employee as
well as the legal expenses involved in such a suit. This coverage may also provide
certain benefits if you are sued by a third party affected by a workplace injury,
such as a family member of the injured worker.
Fraud InvestigationsUnfortunately, fraudulent claims add to every employer’s workers’ compensation costs
Some carriers have set up special fraud investigative units, primarily staffed with
former law enforcement officials. These units are dedicated to detecting and prosecuting
fraud. Our claim professionals can also coach you on how to spot and handle a potentially
fraudulent claim.
Legal ExpensesYou won’t have to worry about bearing legal expenses related to a workers’ compensation
or employer’s liability claim. In fact, our carriers will assume the responsibility
of investigating, defending and settling related claims, proceedings or suits. We
will also supply the services of an attorney to represent you in such a suit. In
short, we will: pay the cost of defending you in hearings, suits, etc, that result
from occurrences covered by workers’ compensation; and pay damages if you are successfully
sued because of a job-related injury or disease.
Managed Care ServicesTo help cut the cost of employers’ losses and improve the quality of employees’
care, You will get support in proven managed care techniques to its handling of
workers’ compensation cases. Among the managed care services your business may benefit
from are:
Provider Networks — pre-screened networks of health care providers who deliver quality
services at a discounted rate.

Nurse Case Managers — experienced registered nurses who serve as advocates for injured
workers, ensuring they get prompt and appropriate medical care.
Utilization Review — case-by-case analyses of what length of hospital stay is appropriate
for injured workers.
Medical Bill Review — computerized analysis of all medical bills submitted to spot
any erroneous charges as well as inappropriate patterns of treatment.
Return-To-Work Program — a patented program offering midsize businesses the tools,
forms and guidance they need to implement their own successful return-to-work program
for injured workers.

Third-Party SuitsIf your employees are injured in an accident, they may try to sue a “third party”
(a company other than yours) if they believe that party is somehow responsible for
their injury. In turn, that third party may sue you if it believes your company
is legally liable for the accident. For example, an employee injured while using
a piece of equipment may sue the equipment manufacturer for some alleged negligence
or faulty design. However, the manufacturers can then turn around and sue your company
if they believe the accident was instead caused by your improper maintenance of
the equipment. In this situation, the Employer’s Liability coverage of your policy
is designed to pay any damages awarded by the court to compensate for the bodily
Traveling on BusinessMost workers’ compensation policies only provide coverage for the states in which
you do business, as specified in your actual policy. However, Top Policies extend
workers’ compensation coverage to other countries for employees traveling outside
the standard policy territory.

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The information provided in this material is intended to be general and advisory
in nature and should not be considered legal advice. Certain coverage and features
and vary by state and may not be available to all insureds. All coverages are individually