Will Your Business Weather Bad Weather?

Will Your Business Weather Bad Weather?

Depending on where you operate out of, severe weather could negatively affect your company’s ability to function if it accrues damage from a storm. There are a couple ways you can insure your company is in good shape should bad weather head your way, and it all starts with your commercial insurance policy.

The first step to take when securing the safety of your company is to invest in an adequate small business insurance plan. While a basic policy may offer what could be considered “enough” coverage, you could need to purchase additional policies for extra coverage and reassurance. Having the right amount of casualty and business interruption insurance is essential in protecting all aspects of your company. If you don’t have the right amount of commercial insurance, it could take a long time for your doors to be open to providing services and/or products to your customers, and without business interruption insurance – you won’t be reimbursed for the time you aren’t operating business as usual.

Should your company be hurt in the aftermath of a serious storm, you will want to communicate with your employees with an effective system. Be sure to have a contact list that is easily accessible so you can let them know when the business will be up and operating, while also relaying other pertinent information as needed.

Taking precautions to keep your items safe is equally as important, such as keeping electronics off the ground and not having exposed wires around can eliminate damage should an event occur. Other ways to make your work place more safe include having fire extinguishers handy. Investing in tech insurance can also keep these items safe, while you will need to have client information and other data backed up in some way.

BOPs also sometimes offer fair value, but you can typically pay more to get replacement value should anything be damaged or destroyed in your home due to severe weather. This is especially true for companies that rely heavily on technology, as you will want your replacements to be the best possible. Finding an insurance provider that offers the option to get the newest version rather than a sum of money that may only allow you to get a dated replacement can be worth it.