Why You Need to Install a Flood Alarm

Is your small business located in a location that receives a lot of thunderstorms?  Does your area get a lot of rainfall or even a flood now and then? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s important to guard your business with a flood alarm. Basic flood detectors have built-in sensors to detect water, while more advanced flood detectors have temperature sensors to identify possible freezing conditions in pipes.

Here are some of the three most compelling reasons why you need to install a flood alarm.

1) To protect against mildew and mold. Whether your business is in an area that gets occasional flooding or perennial flooding, mold and mildew is a quite common problem after a flood. Mold can not only cause health problems to workers and customers, but a small mold problem can grow to a large one rather quickly. If mildew is a problem, it can cause you business to have a strange and unpleasant odor. The small price to pay for a flood alarm is worth it considering the hefty costs to correct a mold or mildew problem.

2) To safeguard your electronic equipment. If your business relies on electronic equipment to conduct its operations (and what business doesn’t nowadays?), then a flood alarm will help to protect this crucial equipment. But besides flooding from rain, if your business has a refrigerator, freezer, or a hot water tank, you’re also at risk for flooding from a malfunctioning appliance. When you install a flood alarm, you’ll be alerted of a flood before too much damage occurs.

3) To protect from frozen pipes.
Having a pipe burst at night while your business is closed, is a situation most business owners would dread happening.  There are flood alarms that you can purchase that are capable of not only detecting abnormal water levels, but also triggering pipe heaters should the temperature become colder than a certain level, thanks to modern technology. If you’re business location is in an area where there are cold, frigid winters, then it’s a good idea to install a flood alarm of this type.

By installing a flood alarm in your small business, you can detect water leaks and flooding before it becomes a serious problem — one that could cost thousands of dollars in repair costs.