Why Should Small Business Use Cloud Computing?

To achieve optimum growth, small businesses need to take advantage of technologies that make operations easier on a daily basis, one of those being cloud computing.

While using the cloud comes with risks, small business owners are able to add cyber coverage to their small business insurance portfolios to ensure they are protected if an incident occurs that leads to a lawsuit.

Once insurance protection is purchased, cloud computing can provide small businesses with numerous benefits.

Benefit No. 1 – Better response to disasters
In the past, small businesses needed to rely on large in-house servers to store company data, but that is no longer the case. Using cloud computing, this information can be stored off-site in a web database, which makes it much easier to respond in disasters. For example, if a hurricane hits the area and causes sever flooding that damages servers, sensitive information could be lost. With cloud computing, this won’t happen as data will be stored in the web.

Benefit No. 2 – Reduce costs
As a small business owners, costs are extremely important. If operating costs are too high it can be difficult to survive. Cloud computing can help cut down on certain expenses, as it allows a business to get rid of its expensive hardware and software, as this is all stored in the cloud. Through the cloud, businesses can pay-as-you go for any software or hardware that is needed, so there is no overspending.

Benefit No. 3 – Improve accessibility 
Before cloud computing, it was difficult for employees to access company networks from anywhere other than the office, but that has changed. Using the cloud, anyone with log-in information is able to gain access to networks. For instance, if someone is on an airplane and wants to get some work done, they are able to as long as the airline has Wi-Fi.

Benefit No. 4 – No more annoying software updates to deal with
When businesses purchased hard copies of software, they were in charge of downloading all of the latest updates. With software in the cloud, this is no longer a worry for companies. The service provider will download updates whenever available for no charge. This helps keep all software and hardware up-to-date without business owners having to worry.