What You Should Know About Superfish

Superfish is on the attack and you need to be prepared. If you bought a new laptop from Lenovo, it may come with unwanted, and dangerous, malware called Superfish, though it can affect any Windows computer.


Here is a look at what it is and how you can protect your business data.


What Is Superfish?


Superfish is the name of adware software, which is common and can be useful. But this particular model has security problems that turn it into malware and spyware. It has unleashed a whole host of problems that can endanger your business data.


What you are susceptible to are man-in-the-middle attacks when the software intercepts encrypted data. It undermines the security protocols that are supposed to protect you.


This includes HTTPS internet activity, leaving you vulnerable to fake sites that grab passwords. It can even direct you to fake sites that are supposedly secure, even bank websites. Directing you to a fake site lets hackers monitor your private communication.


For example, you might decide to visit your bank website to put money in your business account, take it out, pay a bill or move it from one account to another. Because of Superfish, you will be directed to a fake site that looks just like your bank site. Let the phishing begin.


How To Protect Yourself


The first thing to do is test your computer to see if Superfish is on it. Lenovo has released the models that were shipped with the software, but unfortunately any computer using Windows can become infected.


So test yours:

  • even if it isn’t on Lenovo’s list
  • even if you bought it long ago
  • even if you didn’t buy it from Lenovo


The test is easy. Go to this website. It takes less than a minute., using either Internet Explorer or Chrome.


If the test says you are infected, you need to do a second test at a different site just to be sure. Some users have gotten a false positive. Go to Lenovo’s Superfish Vulnerability page to double check.


If you have the software on your computer, uninstall it using the steps provided by Lenevo. This is a more complex process than merely uninstalling Superfish. This should fix the problem.


If you are still nervous about potential problems, check with a professional who can advise you about more complicated options.


Security problems like this show the importance of carrying adequate cyber liability insurance. This coverage can protect you from the consequences of malware, including the expense of notifying your contacts if their information has been compromised and dealing with liability issues. It can help you recover by covering the costs of reputation management.