What Should Your Small Business Logo Look Like?

When small business owners are just starting out, they likely have a large amount of things to juggle all at once and may not even have time to think about something as simple as branding. However, this is an important part of building a successful company, and needs to be considered carefully.

When trying to choose a logo, there is obviously a lot to consider, including the kind of company you run and who your target audience is, according to a report from Fox 54 in Huntsville, Alabama. Because of this, owners might want to consider what their ideal customer looks like, because that will give a better idea of who needs to be marketed toward; for example, if a company's target audience is younger consumers in their early 20s, a sleek and simple graphic might do, but for those targeting older people, it might be wise to go with something that stands out as being a little more "classic."

"Your brand begins with your logo," Daniel Hanners, graphic design instructor at the Illinois Institute of Art at Schaumburg and brand consultant with 18 years' experience in the design industry, told the news station. "Your logo is a visual representation of the character of your brand and is followed through on all of your communication efforts."

Further, it might be wise to think about the ways in which a company will end up displaying that logo, the report said. Whether it's on the side of a van, customized stationary, shipping boxes, and more, the places consumers will see the graphic or wordmark should also play a role in the decision-making process. For instance, an auto repair shop might not want to put the image of a wrecked cartoon car on the side of their van, so that consumers see it as they drive around town. However, it is important to keep in mind that the logo should be instantly recognizable and grab the attention of whoever looks at it, in the way that McDonald's famous Golden Arches do.

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