What is the Bordetella Vaccination and Does My Pet Need it?

Bordetella Vaccination

If you have a dog, the Bordetella virus is a condition you need to worry about when trying to keep your pet healthy. This virus is an upper respiratory infection that is very contagious. The vet might suggest you get your dog the Bordetella vaccination before it goes to the dog park, doggie daycare, boarding kennel, groomer, or dog show.

The Bordetella vaccine is important since it protects your dog from the snotty nose and hacking cough that is brought on by a bacteria that is easily contracted which causes Bordetella.

Bordetella bronchiseptica is its official name and it’s a bacterium that typically comes with respiratory disease in dogs. However, it may also infect cats and rabbits and very rarely, humans. This particular bacterium leads to canine infectious tracheobronchitis (kennel cough). It’s extremely contagious and can be transmitted easily with direct contact or through the air.

You can compare the Bordetella vaccine to getting the flu shot for humans. You wouldn’t send your child to daycare without getting them their flu shot would you? The Bordetella vaccine in the same sense is for protecting your pet since you never know if and when there will be another person’s pet with the disease. The most important reason why you want to get your pet vaccinated with this vaccine is because it can cause pneumonia.

How Does the Bordetella Vaccine Work?

The Bordetella vaccine, like all vaccines, exposes your pet to a very little amount of the nonpathogenic Bordetella bacteria. It’s given to your pet either by nose drops or injection and typically contains a modified live strain of Bordetella and parainfluenza virus which doesn’t cause the disease.

This introduces your pet’s body to the bacteria or nonpathogenic virus so their immune system begins recognizing it and will fight it off in the future. Your pet’s body then produces antibodies against the bacteria or virus.

Keep in mind, this vaccine doesn’t cover all canine flu strains or upper respiratory infections and the vaccine lasts for up to 6 months.

You can keep your pet protected from the Bordetella bacteria and other contagious diseases by keeping its vaccinations up-to-date. Also, vaccinations can take up to a few weeks to be effective, therefore, having pet insurance is a good idea in case your pet does get sick and needs to see a vet.

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