What is Smart Lighting for the Home?

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting for the home is lighting technology with the intent on being more energy efficient. It includes automated controls and high-efficiency fixtures that auto adjust to certain conditions like the availability of daylight and occupancy. It is designed to have a practical or aesthetic effect and may include accent lighting, task lighting and general lighting.

This technology is not new and has been around since home automation was introduced. And, although it is considered an older option for your electronic home, it continues to be very important and for some people, hard to live without.

What Smart Lighting is

This technology merges various types of technology so that under certain conditions, your inside and outside lights function properly. There are different functions to different smart light technologies, however, the most preferred functions are those where smart lights have the ability to switch on instantly when you walk into a room or change color when something happens.

If you were to have a home filled with over 30 lights, the standard would be to flick a switch for each light to turn them on. With smart lighting technology, however, you no longer have to get up and manually flick on a switch to turn each light on. It’s now done for you automatically, but you are still able to control which lights you want to have this response as you see fit.

Smart lighting technology often comes with sensors as well which can determine when you need light and how much you need. Plus, a decent smart lighting system comes with simple installation, ease of use and offers you a wide range of options for how you like your lighting in your home.

Benefits and Features of Smart Lighting

There are a number of benefits and features of smart lighting including:

  • LED Bulbs
  • Daylight Sensors
  • Vacancy and Occupancy Sensors
  • Automated Lighting
  • Color Hues
  • Energy Efficiency

Take vacancy and occupancy sensors for example. With vacancy sensors, you will have to turn your lights on manually, but they turn off automatically once there is no longer any motion detected and the room is vacant. With occupancy sensors, your lights turn on automatically once the technology detects motion and when there is no longer motion detection, it turns your lights off.

With smart lighting technology, your smart lights can be controlled from your backyard to your bedroom making your life simpler. Enjoy every moment by being able to customize your day-to-day routines. Smart lighting can help you read, relax, concentrate and even wake you up. You can even sync your smart lighting technology with your movies and music. Smart lighting can also be a robbery and burglary theft deterrent as you can program lights to come on and off at certain times, which is useful when you are on vacation or away on business.

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