What are Attractive Nuisances?

attractive nuisance

You may have everyday objects that present hidden dangers to children. Children may find these objects irresistible and draw them in. These “hidden dangers” are known as attractive nuisances. Attractive nuisances compel and entice children to come on your property and cause them harm.

Examples of an attractive nuisance include:

  • Swimming Pools
  • Trampolines
  • Artificial Pond
  • Fountains

Insurance companies consider attractive nuisances a high risk for liability claims. The courts often punish homeowners who don’t try to prevent potential accidents.

Your insurance provider may reject you if you have certain types of attractive nuisances on your property and feel they’re too risky. Insurers may still accept you as a policyholder, but raise your home insurance rates if you have attractive nuisances.

An adequate amount of liability insurance for attractive nuisances is typically between $100,000 and $300,000 in coverage, according to the Insurance Information Institute. However, you should still check with your independent insurance agent.

You might think you’ve taken all the precautions necessary to childproof your home. However, there’s a lot more involved than staircases and electrical outlets to consider. Children often don’t realize they’re putting themselves into a dangerous situation. If an accident happens involving a child, regardless of direct responsibility, appearances or intent, courts can hold you accountable.

The law holds you responsible under the attractive nuisance doctrine if you have anything on your property that attracts and causes harm to children who you neglected to protect by meeting certain criteria.

Criterion includes:

  • You know children may come on your property.
  • You have an item on your property that can harm or kill a child.
  • The harmed child is too young to realize the potential danger.
  • The risk the attractive nuisance causes to children is higher than the cost of maintaining or repairing it.
  • You neglected to remove the attractive nuisance.

Although it’s likely you won’t be charged with a crime if an attractive nuisance causes an accident, you will get a big fine which is why liability insurance is important.

If an attractive nuisance is on your property, make sure you take precautions to keep children safe. Watch the children and make sure they understand the rules. If needed, keep the children away from the object. Make sure you have enough insurance coverage so you can enjoy watching your children and their friends play in the backyard.

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