What a Small Business Website Should Look Like

More small businesses nationwide are now starting to focus on the way in which their websites might or might not be helping them to connect with consumers in their areas, and how they might be able to make the online destination more attractive overall. As one might imagine, there is obviously a right and a wrong way to go about doing this, and knowing the difference can mean either increased business for a company, or continued stagnation.

One of the most important things a company can do for its website might seem like common sense, but some don’t make even this logical connection: It’s important to have a site reflect the general feel of a company, according to a report from the Media Revolution. Again, this seems simple enough, but what does that entail? For one thing, if a company’s logo is blue and white, that should be the primary color scheme of the website, and both the business’s name and that logo should be prominently featured on the part of the site that people see when they first visit it. Most small business owners will notice that major companies with well-designed Web destinations usually have their colors and logo somewhere near the very top of the page, and that’s something that should be emulated at all costs.

Moreover, though, it’s important for the actual content of the site to do as much as possible to speak for the company, the report said. That should include engaging copy on the front page, and perhaps even a blog – which should be updated regularly – that consumers can click to get all the latest updates about what the company has been up to in recent weeks or months. Of course, when it comes to writing those words, it’s important that what’s written matches the company’s “brand.” If, for example, this is a company that specializes in professional or financial services, a “fun” blog that is written in a lighthearted or conversational way may not be the best for making potential clients want to do business with it. On the other hand, that could be the perfect tone for a a party supply business to take.

Of course, when setting up or revamping a website, it might also be wise for small businesses to look at those run by their competitors, both large and small, to make sure they can stand out from the crowd, so to speak, the report said. Posting content about tips site visitors can use related to what a company provides may give an added incentive for them to keep coming back, and also differentiate this site from what another in their area might have, which could be more static.

How to bring eyes to the site
Obviously the most important part of companies having a website is that it helps to promote the business itself, but some may not know how they can go about making sure people know about the site. For this reason, keeping the site’s URL as simple and brief as possible is vital, as extensive ones may be hard to remember and harder to actually type out. Further, companies should look into search engine optimization tools they can use to make themselves appear higher in Web searches people in their areas conduct related to what they do, and also to use social media as extensively as possible to draw eyes to it.

Owners may be able to find more funds to devote to revamping or placing a greater emphasis on their sites by seeking out more affordable small business insurance options. Reducing costs for liability insurance and other coverage can potentially free up large amounts of money every year.