Welders Insurance

If you are a welder or run a welder business, you spend your days welding different types of materials together, such as plastic, metal, or polymer. Personal injury from the welding is unquestionably a big risk, along with other hazards in the workplace. To properly protect your welding business from personal injury or any of your other business risks, you should have the right types of welders insurance.

Types of Welder Insurance

Welder insurance policies are available to cover your different risks, making the following policies the most essential:

Welders General Liability Insurance

Your welders business insurance policies should start with general liability. Your workplace has a variety of hazards, which put clients, visitors, and employees at risk. If a client is on your premises, and he gets injured from a welding tool that was still blazing hot,  general liability insurance provides protection. This will also cover if the insured goes to a location of a client and causes bodily injury and or property damage at the clients location. Any damages from the work you complete is also covered under this policy.

Welders Commercial Auto Insurance

Any time you use a vehicle for business errands, you should be covered by business auto insurance. That includes your employees as well. Business auto insurance includes coverage for any listed vehicle accidents you drive, including property damage and bodily injury coverage. You can also choose to include additional protection, such as vandalism or theft. If you are making a nightly bank deposit for your welding business, and get into a collision with another car, the bodily injuries and vehicle damage is covered in accordance with your welders insurance business auto policy terms.

Welders Business Property Insurance

Business property insurance will protect your welders business from unexpected events and the resulting damage. Natural disasters like hurricanes could quickly destroy not only your business property, but the machinery and equipment you need for your daily business operations. Business property helps to cover severe weather disturbances, and fire as outlined by your business insurance policy. It is vital to have this insurance policy to protect your business assets.

Welders Cyber Liability Insurance

If you sell finished pieces from your welding projects online or have an online website with your company information, you should also have a cyber liability policy included as part of your welders insurance coverage. This is a type of insurance policy meant specifically for websites and online (ecommerce) stores. It protects you from any type of cyber crime, including fraudulent activity, viruses or hacking into client information through your website.

Welders Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is required by law in most states because it is the best protection available for your employees. If an employee gets a work-related injury or illness, which is a considerable risk for welders, his medical costs are covered by the policy. Welding has many hazards, putting them at risk every day. While you take great strides to maintain a safe work environment, accidents do happen. So if an employee is hurt from a faulty machine in the welding shop, they will have medical care covered.

Welders Crime Insurance

Crime insurance is a type of policy that protects your business from any type of crime. This can be embezzlement or stolen materials from your employees or a client paying for welding services by using fraudulent payment methods. Further, if your business is vandalizes, it could mean paying for damages to the building, as well as the expensive machinery you use for welding. With crime insurance, many of these costs are covered.

Welders have the potential for being very successful, but need protection of their business and employees. Make sure you choose the right types of welders insurance policies before it’s too late.