Warning Signs of Brake Problems

When the brakes go out on one of your fleet vehicles, it could mean damage to your vehicle or a severe vehicle accident. To avoid this, you should pay attention to warning signs that your fleet might be giving you. Here are some common signs of having brake issues.

Problems with the Pedal

There are a few issues your drivers might notice with their fleet vehicle pedals. The first is that the brake pedal needs to be pushed all the way to the floor. If the pedal starts feeling like it needs to be pushed farther and farther down to just to get the vehicle to stop, that is a warning sign that the brakes need inspected. There are also other signs of brake issues, including a brake pedal that gradually floats down to the floor, is hard to press down, or has a spongy sensation.

Grinding and Squeals

Hearing unusual noises is another common warning sign for brake issues. One of the worst noises you can hear is a grinding noise when applying the brakes. This is a sign that the brake pads have worn down. If you continue using the vehicle with the grinding sound, the brakes could eventually give out, or you will have a much more expensive brake repair on your hands. Squealing when pressing the brake pedal is also a common sign of issues. Additionally, if you hear a clicking noise when pushing down on the brakes, it typical represents a problem with the disc brake pads.


General vehicle vibrations may not be serious, but if you only experience them when you apply the brakes, it can be a sign that you need repairs done. This vibrating may be experienced through gentle vibrations of the steering wheel or complete vehicle shaking when the brakes are applied. Vibrating while applying the brakes is a sign of the brake rotors needing to be replaced.


You may also feel your vehicle begin pulling to one side when you put your foot on the breaks, which is a warning side that they need to be looked at. Pulling can be that they are worn out and need replacing, or that there is an adjustment issue or you are leaking brake fluid.

Warning Lights

If you have fleet vehicles with an anti-lock braking system, it has a warning light on the dashboard to let you know when to have your brakes looked at. This provides you with advanced warning of any issues with your brakes.

Not only should you pay attention to these warning signs, but you should protect your business with workers’ compensation insurance and commercial auto insurance.