Warning Signs of a Drowsy Driver

asleep at the wheel, if only for a split second, could cause a major collision on the freeway. Driving while tired tends to cause drivers to lose their focus and have slower reaction times. Luckily, there are some ways to notice drowsy driving. If your employees notice these signs in themselves, they can get off the road and can get rest before an accident occurs. Make sure they are fully aware of the following signs of drowsy driving, and the consequences of ignoring the signs.

Common Physical Signs

First, there are the physical signs that are most common among people who are tired. This includes frequent yawning, having heavy eyelids, and rubbing of the eyes. While yawning in the morning once or twice is common because of just waking up, yawning while driving is worrisome. Aside from yawning, having heavy eyelids, and eye rubbing, another tell-tale sign of a drowsy driver if when the driver has trouble keeping his or her eyes open. If you notice yourself closing your eyes subconsciously, pull over and get some rest. Other physical signs of drowsy driving include not being able to keep your head up and having blurry or obscured vision. Blinking frequently is another sign that your eyes are starting to get tired.

Lack of Focus

There are also other signs of being a drowsy driver that have to do with your focus while driving. If you find that you are daydreaming and have wandering thoughts, it may be due to drowsy driving. This often becomes clear when suddenly you realize you have been driving on autopilot and not paying attention to where you are going. Suddenly minutes have gone by without a clear thought of how you got there. This is a major sign of not focusing completely on your driving. Some other signs that show you are losing focus include having disconnected thoughts, not remembering driving past the last several signs, not recalling the most recent road or traffic signs, Of course, driving past your exit is another alarming sign.

Signs in Your Driving

The way you are driving can also give you some insight into how drowsy you might be. If you find yourself driving too close to the cars in front of you, having to slam on your breaks to avoid hitting them, hitting the rumble strips on the shoulder or drifting into other lanes, it might be due to being overly tired. Being drowsy slows your reaction time, which could cause an accident just by drifting to the other lane for a moment.

Emotional Signs

Finally, there are some emotional and mood changes that can occur while driving and signal a possible problem. You may be overly irritable, restless or emotional, which can be a sign of being drowsy. If you are typically a very calm driver, but find yourself annoyed with other drivers or having road rage, it is a sign of a problem.

Aside from looking for the signs of being drowsy and pulling over to rest or sleep, you should also have business auto insurance. Even with the utmost of cautions in place, accidents happen and you want to make sure your business is protected.