VOIP Small Business Security Tips

Security, particularly in today’s business climate, is so much more than a simple buzz word. It’s something that any business owner, small or large, needs to take to heart. It’s something you cannot afford to overlook as you plan your budgets and establish your business goals for the year ahead. One way that you’ve managed to cut costs is by investing in VOIP phone systems for business rather than costly landline phones. But these savings carry a price of their own.

The main cost being the vulnerability to hackers that VOIP services opens up. While this is certainly not the only security risk you face as a small business, it’s one that is often overlooked, if not ignored. It shouldn’t be — especially in light of the fact that a few simple changes can reduce the likelihood of hackers invading your business’ VOIP.

Here are a few VOIP small business security tips that will make a huge difference in the security of your VOIP phone system.

Be Vigilant When it comes to Password Protection

It’s not enough to simply change the default password (though you might be surprised by the number of businesses that fail to take even this meager precaution). It’s time to also forget quick and easy password access. Go for the long and strong alphanumeric passwords. Don’t stop there, however. Treat these passwords as if they were the company credit cards. Be conscientious in who you release them to and then make sure it’s understood that they are confidential and shouldn’t be shared with anyone.

The key is to create keywords that aren’t simple to guess. It may take employees longer to get them right, but it’s better than making them easy for outside forces to quickly discern. You also need to immediately remove passwords of employees that leave the company—even those who have left on good terms.

Operate Behind Firewalls

Every layer of protection you add to the process is good news when you’re working to deter hackers. In the movies, hackers love a challenge. In real life, those who are looking for quick money or rewards from their hacking efforts prefer the path of least resistance. The more obstacles you throw in their way, the less enchanted they’re going to be with cracking your VOIP system.

Perform Security Scans Regularly

A good rule of thumb to follow is to initiate scans for viruses, spyware, malware, and other intrusive programs every single time you boot up your system. This is yet another layer of defense designed to catch potential problems before they have a chance to become massive nuisances for your VOIP security.

Consider Cyber Liability Insurance for Small Businesses

Not only is the sanctity of your business information on the line if your business is hacked. It’s also the privacy and trust your customers have given you. Every credit card number, checking account number, and identifying piece of information they’ve given you will be rendered vulnerable as the result of a single hacking incident—and your small business could be held responsible. Protect yourself and your business by investing in cyber liability insurance.

Applying these VOIP small business security tips and dedicating constant attention to security can make a world of difference to the security of your VOIP security. Keep these tactics in mind for a safer overall experience when conduction business via VOIP.