Utilizing Fleet Tracking Software to Reduce Vehicle Accidents

Fleet tracking software benefits businesses today in so many ways that the average small business owner may not even be aware of all of them yet. One huge way it helps business owners is by reducing vehicle accidents. Sound a little too good to be true? The truth is in the results, however. Here are just a few small ways that small businesses can use fleet tracking software in order to reduce auto accidents.


1)  Reduce speeding. There’s something about knowing they’re being monitored that’s an excellent incentive for drivers to really slow things downs. With the right fleet tracking software you can estimate, within seconds, how long it should take drivers to go from point A to point B if traveling within the speed limits along the route. Drivers who come in too far ahead of that are rarely driving for long—with good reasons.


2)  Promote safe driving. Another benefit of these vehicles that track movement, distance, and speed is that they do promote safer driving for anyone who is operating them. Drivers understand they’ll face more scrutiny when distances can be tracked so accurately. They’re more likely to avoid risky driving practices that may have shaved time before but can really land them in hot water now. Safer, defensive driving practices reduce accidents. That’s the bottom line and your ultimate goal in this.


3)  More efficient routes. Part of the problem fleet services have had in the past is inefficiency. People were driving further than necessary to get the job done. By using fleet tracking software to pinpoint the most efficient routes possible, you’re keeping your drivers off the road when they have no need to be there. You’re also keeping them on the road for shorter distances and durations which limits risks and exposure to risks of accidents.


4) More accurate time estimates. When delivery estimates are more accurate and realistic, drivers don’t feel the need to rush their deliveries in order to fit within specific time frames. Fleet tracking software provides estimates that are more realistic (accounting for distance, traffic, time of day and even weather in some cases) and achievable by drivers. When they have realistic expectations their driving tends to reflect that, which in turn leads to fewer accidents.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how prepared the company, the fleet tracking software, or the drivers happen to be. Accidents happen. You can and should take measures to avoid them whenever possible. However, when they do happen you need to be confident that you have a well-constructed commercial auto insurance policy to back your business up in the days ahead. This will address all the contingencies that could arise due to an auto accident.