Understanding Today’s Automotive Safety Features

collision avoidance technology

Technology is changing the way we drive. While we’re not quite yet at the point of completely driverless cars proliferating the roadways, technology has advanced to the point where it can compensate for many common distractions we face while driving to help us keep our minds on the road and not the many distractions that could cause accidents and injuries.

The better you understand this technology, the more you can use it to improve your driving and reduce your auto insurance rates. These are a few of the things you want to know about collision avoidance technology.

Drive Assist/Collision Avoidance Capabilities

Some of the types of assistance available today have been around for quite a while. It is only in the last few years that they’ve made it into more affordable vehicles. This includes things like forward-collision warning systems.

More importantly, they’ve now been around long enough that most of the “bugs” are worked out and they are now highly effective tools for assisting you in driving and, more importantly, avoiding crashes. Below are a few of the types of technologies available to help drivers, like yourself, avoid collisions:

  • Adaptive Headlights
  • Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Cross Traffic Alerts
  • Curve Speed Warning
  • Drowsiness Alerts
  • Electronic Stability Controls
  • Lane Departure Warning Systems
  • Obstacle Detection
  • Park Assist
  • Pedestrian Detections
  • Rear Collision Warnings

The bottom line is that you’re sure to find plenty to love about the newest technologies to make into your vehicles. What’s more, is that you no longer need to invest in high-end luxury vehicles to take advantage of these amazing technologies.

Many of them have made it into standard mid-size sedans and family vehicles – making the roads safer for everyone and not just those who can afford to pay extra for these amazing features.

Maximizing the Safety Factor

In order to take full advantage of the safety features available on your car, truck, minivan, or SUV, you must first understand the features you have available to you. Take the time to get to know your vehicle before making any lengthy road trips or even doing much driving at night or during inclement weather. There will be a learning curve. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to learn the various systems, sounds, and signals your vehicle provides.

Getting to know the new tech that makes your car safer will help you maximize these safety features and can help you save big on insurance while avoiding accidents that might cost you even more.

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